You probably already know what I’m about to tell you, but maybe you haven’t looked at it this way before…

Have you noticed that as soon as you clean your house, it just gets dirty again? Or maybe you feel like you just took your car in for service and it needs to go back to the shop already.  What about your laundry? Or your nails or hair — is it time to get them done again? Think about it.

Everything in life requires maintenance

If you stop doing your hair it may not look its best, or if you don’t take your car in for servicing it may die in the middle of the road (like mine did).  If you don’t clean your house it will probably become a mess.

Just like all of these other things, your health and body require maintenance.  If you stop maintaining your body, you may gain some extra weight, develop diseases, feel weak, get older faster and become dysfunctional.

You have a gift and it is one of the most valuable gifts of all.  Not everyone has the privilege to have a body just as perfect as yours. If you want to get the best from it, maintain it.  You will find more enjoyment in your body, health and life.

Here are a couple of things I recommend you do to maintain your body:

1. Exercise daily.  This could be running, walking, biking, weightlifting, hiking, climbing or swimming.  There is nothing like exercise to keep your body younger and performing at a high level.  Exercise will increase your metabolism, give you more energy, increase your strength and make your body a highly efficient machine.

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2. Eat real foods.  By using premium gasoline my car runs smoothly and I go further on a tank.  If I were to use diesel in my gasoline engine, it might run, but it would break down soon.

The same happens to your body.  Find the best fuel for your body.  It is your body and it deserves the best!  Fuel it with organic, natural and whole foods.  Find out what is in everything you eat.  If you put in the wrong fuel, sooner or later your body will pay the consequences.

3. Get a checkup from a physician once in a while to make sure your body is running great.  You’ll notice that the healthier you are, the fewer doctor visits you will need.

4. Sleep from 6 to 8 hours.  I sleep 6 hours every day because I love to reach my goals.  My goals are what give me the energy to wake up every day. However, sometimes my body feels that it needs more sleep. Therefore, I take naps when I need them.  I have noticed that I function better when I have rested enough.

5. With all you put your body through — weightlifting, running, waking up early and digesting every day — I recommend you also spoil it once in a while with a cleanse, massage or acupuncture.

You will see what a difference any of these will make in your body.  To get true enjoyment from any of these relaxation methods, you need to put your body in maintenance stage.

Take care of your body – work at it every day

To live longer and stay healthy, strong and young, you need to maintain your body.  Of course, nobody will force you to do so, but there is no other way to get the benefits of maintaining your body than by working at it every day.

High maintenance of your body is a better feeling than coming to a clean house, having your hair done or driving a high performance machine. Live to the fullest and get your maintenance plan in action.  One, 10 or 50 years from now, you will be happy for having made the decision to take care of your body.

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