Following on from Part 1 of Put Your Best Foot Forward, David Koivuranta gives five more tips on how to live a healthy lifestyle.

4) Function

Function is at the top of your list. If your body continues to do what it was designed, programmed and created to do, you will have the greatest chance of having good experiences every day for as long as possible in your life.


Make sure you body moves to its fullest and that every organ, gland and blood vessel remains healthy.

More natural forms of care like chiropractic, naturopathy, massage therapy, and traditional Chinese medicine excel at this type of lifestyle care aimed at optimum function, not just how you feel.

5) Food

Support your function with good quality  food choices and supplementation to match your current and then your future desired lifestyle.

Working with an holistic nutritionist or other qualified provider in this regard can lay out the basics of what to get a lot of, enough of, and none or very little of in your daily refueling.

6) Fitness

Keep your body moving, your heart beating and your lungs supplying oxygen.

Your body relies on motion for life on so many levels physically, chemically and emotionally.

Our lives have become torn by extremes of sedentary work and living versus overuse and misuse depending on what end of the spectrum we find ourselves on. Moderation here is the key as well as doing things we love versus doing things just to survive. Life is too short to workout and made longer by having fun!

howtoliveahealthylifestyle_27) Sleep

Getting enough rest is vital to a long, healthy life. Determining how much that is for each person is still up for debate, so get to know yourself here really well.

Hone in on getting to bed earlier and waking earlier with the right number of hours and consistent times or patterns that work for you.

Whatever that may be, do not sell yourself short.

And be cautious with the other extreme as well – some reports say that excessive sleeping may also not be the best for us.

8) Thoughts

You’ve no doubt heard that ‘thoughts are things’. No matter how much you embrace the fundamentals of health listed above to put your best foot forward in starting a healthy lifestyle, know that your attitude will see you through any choices or circumstances.

Feed your mind with clean, powerful, supportive thoughts that nurture the kind of life you want.

Surround yourself with people and input that reflect that effort and everything will be easier and better.

To conclude

A fundamental tip I share with people who are looking to improve their lifestyle, is acting upon an idea. Health is about constant vigilance on keeping out the detractors and adding in the proponents of a great lifestyle.

See yourself as whole and complete, strong and powerful, capable of having health and happiness.

Those fundamentals of human nature we enjoy and strive to maintain. Follow these tips to put your best foot forward and you can easily start taking steps toward a healthy lifestyle.

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