While many people believe they are doomed to their destiny or their behavior and shackled by fate, I choose to believe that I can control them.

Who has control?

The reason is very simple, I used to believe I was a slave to my destiny, my feelings, thoughts and emotions like many others.


However, one day I decided to take control over my life.

I study why certain people are so successful and others simply are not. I found out that successful people have characters they have developed throughout their lives.

They are not born with it – they develop them

Remember that success has been defined as the ability to overcome any challenge. And we find challenges every day in life.

We all face challenges that are out of our control and many of us believe that we are incapable of overcoming such challenges, because we have been taught the way.

Nevertheless, I believe that you have the ability to overcome any challenge. 

Therefore, I have made a summary or some characteristics you can work on to help you feel more confident and successful at any task:

1. Brave

They face challenges even if the challenges look intimidating.

2. Strong

They have integrity in difficult moments in life.

3. Diligent

They practice over and over again to defeat negative habits.

4. Seeker

They want to learn more. They ask questions and research issues that concern themselves.

how to be successful in life_25. Responsible

They know their results are of their own decisions.

6. Spiritual

They like to meditate or build a reflective time in their lives.

7. Active

They exercise and they avoid being lazy and other destructive behaviors.

8. Assertive

They resist negative habits and temptations. They make their own decisions and don’t let others decide for them.

9. Optimistic

They see the positive side to things. They trust themselves and are happy.

10. Adaptable

They are resilient and cheerfully deal with unexpected situations. They are flexible.

Now if you think about it, the antonyms are: coward, weak, lazy, loser, irresponsible, material, inert, nervous, pessimist and unadaptable.

Choose to develop good qualities

I believe you are smart and you choose to work on becoming better and develop good qualities like I do. They set you apart from the masses, people take you and your actions into consideration more often, you have more opportunities and you can succeed at any difficult task.

Don’t wait to until destiny makes it easy for you because is not going to happen. And if it does happen, you will lose the spot because you have not developed the characteristics needed to overcome challenges and maintain your ‘form’. 

Be better than that, work on your success every day and make things happen because you decide you want them to happen. If you do, your success is inevitable.

Work on each one of these positive characteristics every day and take control of your life.

Be the owner of your destiny. Create your own path to success and become the leader that you always wanted to become.

Your life will become easy not because it got easier but because you got stronger.

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