Tabula Rasa – What is it?

I have learnt just how easy the concept of starting over can be, when many view it as something difficult.

Philosopher John Locke coined the term Tabula Rasa, meaning “blank slate”.


He believed that we are all born with our minds being clean slates and we build upon them with life experiences, knowledge and learning. Every experience we have can be viewed as stepping stones to success and our life accomplishments.

Our expectations of life

But what sets us up for disappointments are the ways we think life should happen for us and not to us? People have expectations and when they are not met, then fear and disbelief begin to take root in our minds.

We can begin to lose hope and see no way out.

This is when I believe we need to learn to begin again. At any given moment having the positive mindset that this is not how my story will end and I have control over that.

I can start over and make my life, chapter or new beginning better than the last.

Who we are?

Have you ever wondered, during times of distress, misunderstandings and difficulties throughout your life, how will I ever get through this?

If we can learn to pause and take a few moments to reflect upon where we are, what we are doing and how can I change to create the results I am seeking, we will be successful in anything we want to manifest.

We must learn to embrace change and to know there is a better way

how can i change my life_2I suggest learning to start over and taking steps and making new decisions to not stay stuck in ruts where we don’t belong.

When relationships are dead ends for us and only create unhappiness we must learn to end them and move on. We have to learn how to seek healthy, positive friends and lovers.

We can decide from this day forward that starting over isn’t such a bad thing.

We must learn to not tolerate untolerable behaviors! Those upsetting feelings and acts that, when they arise in friendships we must take action. We can vow that we will begin again with a newness towards others and ourselves.

Change your bad days!

Not all days are going to be perfect and end up just the way we planned them to.

We have to tell ourselves that, when we are having bad days, we can simply start our day over with a new outlook for that specified time.

We can begin to renew our attitudes, tones and body language more positively, creating better results. We can start manifesting new business strategies and learn new ways of doing business, but we don’t have to shut the doors we once opened.

We should also walk away from anything that no longer helps us be the best we can be.

I have learned to begin again and view it as something fun and enlightening instead of scary. My life really is much better when I start over instead of hanging onto the things that no longer serve my purpose!

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