It is no surprise that during December we’re faced with every culinary temptation imaginable, which makes it difficult to maintain peak fitness.

Holidays are notorious for amplifying the tendency to backload calories, eating a lot towards the end of the day where the opportunity to burn them off decreases.

When you take a “break” from your healthy eating and exercise plan, you only make it harder for yourself to get started again.


So how get back on track?

To get back on track, let’s start with a few clean-eating strategies to remove the holiday bulge!

–       Limit alcohol

Alcoholic beverages are very stressful to your digestive system and many are loaded with sugar. Most often, the result is binge eating when taken on an empty stomach. Have a non-caloric drink like diet soda, water or spritzer into the mix.

–        Train smarter, not harder

Many people to “let themselves go” during the holiday season where they overeat and under exercise, and come January, they commit to the gym trying to undo all of the holiday damage. This extreme change is very stressful to your body and you end up doing more harm than good.  .

–        Eat 4 to 5 smaller meals rather than saving for one big meal

This helps curb your appetite during the day;  snack on “heavy” foods – with a high water content like soups, fruits and vegetables. Instead of eating lightweight foods like chips, crackers, rice cakes and popcorn to curb your appetite, choose heavier foods like fruits and vegetables.

–        SLOW DOWN when having meals!

It takes at least 20 minutes for our brains to signal that we’re actually full, which means a slow eater will consume less calories before feeling full than someone who races through their meal.

holiday weight loss_2During the post-holiday season, include these health enhancing foods

–       Pumpkin: excellent source of beta-carotene (more than 200% RDA per half-cup), converted to vitamin A

–       Cranberries: helps fight cancer and heart disease..

–       Turkey: a source of lean protein; B-vitamins, selenium and zinc, nutrients essential for optimal nerve and immune function. Skip the outer skin to avoid most of the fat.

–       Sweet Potatoes: impressive nutritional profile and sweet flavor. 1 medium sweet potato contains 140 calories and over 100 % of daily needs for beta-carotene. Also contains vitamins C and E – which help protect cell damage.

Use a journal to monitor your training and nutrition

To perfectly track your fitness and diet program, use a training and food intake log. As a dietitian, the most successful weight losses happen when those who actually monitor their training and food intake in a log.

Hire a personal trainer 

Engaging the services of a qualified  trainer will align your actions with your intended results, eliminating wasted time and removing plateaus that have stunted your progress..

Drink tea or water before every meal or snack

Water or tea will have a dramatically positive effect on your blood sugar fluctuations, which is the primary physiological reason for impulse and over-eating.

Eat an apple or a banana before indulging in a sweet treat

If you are hungry when a sugary temptation crosses your path your body needs real food.

If you’re not hungry, eating a fruit will give you a chance to reconsider how much you want the candy, cookie or cake. The volume in your stomach afterward will have less space for sweets indulgence.

To feasting and staying fit!

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