Charlatans, snake oil salesmen and purveyors of ‘Miracle Elixirs’ are alive and well and peddling their wares in 21st century London!

I know this because only yesterday I was strolling along a pavement in the great capital when a jaunty looking gent’ bounded up, smiled broadly and extended his hand in which he was clutching a leaflet. I am a bit of a sucker for this approach. More out of politeness than interest I tend to take what is on offer, even if they do go in the first bin once I’m out of view of the distributor. But also you never quite know what you are about to be given and maybe, just maybe it might be interesting.

And on this occasion I am glad I did. Rather than write a broad description of the flyer or give an abbreviated account, I think it is worth reproducing here in its unexpurgated entirety. I will leave only the name out…


Mr X

International Clairvoyant

Spiritual Healer & Advisor

Special In Love and Relationship Matters. I can help you solve all your worries regarding bringing back loved ones. If your loved one, husband of wife walks out on you, I can help the most powerful spell to bring him or her back immediately. I can also help Sexual Matters, Court Cases, Business, Exams, Addiction, Anti-social behaviour, Protection against jealous people, Enemies, Voodoo, Black Magic, Jadoo problems.

 For particular clarity he then goes on to bullet point the areas in which he will change your life: 

–  Marriage –  Court cases –  Sexual problems

–  Help find employment – Bring back loved ones –  Lost friends and relations

–  Spells to protect you from harm –  Remove evil spirits

–  Help with business –  Help with sport –  Leadership & Popularity

–  Eliminate bad habits – smoking and drinking –  Cure illness

Whatever the problem, consider the problem solved! Successful in a few days – Quick and Guaranteed work.

Real life is not that easy

Clearly there is absolutely nothing this man cannot do. No area on which he cannot bring his remarkable healing, problem solving, heart mending magic to bear.

I have had the pleasure and privilege to spend more than 20 years working in the fields of health, fitness, wellbeing and sport with truly remarkable people and have become friends with many of them. Olympic champions, World Cup winners, stars in athletics, to boxing to skiing to rugby and chess.

Hard work really does pay off

guy holland_2Stars of the biggest sporting arenas, experts who have landed their own primetime TV shows. Then there are the remarkable fitness experts – people who dedicate their lives to learning and teaching, studying and imparting, analysing and inspiring.

Witnessing and knowing them first hand and ‘up close and personal’ has been a fascinating pleasure. And something they all have in common is the knowledge and understanding that the path to their goals – incremental and long term – is travelled by virtue of effort, graft, application, focus and the occasional welcome dose of good fortune. At no point does it include short cuts, quick fixes or influences that defy all laws of the natural world.

It is the old story – that which is worth attaining is worth striving for.

Real differences are made in a measurable sense over time.

This is the way of lasting difference or outstanding performance, of real learning and triumph or simply of being able to put one foot in front of the other and moving yourself consistently towards a positive outcome.

Certainly when it comes to fitness, those inclined to the quick fix, who swallow any and all marketing boasts and wafer thin PR tricks are, by definition, those who are least likely to apply themselves and therefore the most likely to fail.

You can’t fail if you don’t try

Then they will go and announce to any willing or unwitting audience that, “I’ve done all that exercise stuff and it did nothing for me”. And sadly there are way too many people out there keen to hear that message and use it to justify their own dubious lifestyle choices.

And there is every chance that these are the people who will clasp Mr X’s leaflet and believe the door to physical, social, working, family and love salvation has arrived and is only as far away as the length of a mobile phone number (no land line or website I notice). And generalising though I may be, it might not be unfair to suggest that if Mr X is the answer to your problems, then you might well be the architect of most, if not all, your issues.

What do you want to fix? What do you want to achieve?

The fact is you can certainly make strides towards that aim – in fact you can do so instantly by understanding that it will take some time, effort, commitment and the application of good advice and instruction. And with this, you will get there!

But should you be in need of someone to simultaneously solve legal, employment, relationship, health, popularity and evil spirit issues, and you want to “consider the problems solved”, then I know this chap…..

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