Whether you’re new to the dating game or not, this can be a scary and nerve wracking experience for anyone. Dates aren’t always perfect and sometimes it can be hard to overcome your apprehensions.

There are enough pressures, stresses and anxieties attached to modern life as it is, we don’t need something as potentially glorious as dating, adding to these!

As we consider the many ways by which we can make dating less stressful, many of us overlook the concept of group dating. If you’re comfortably surrounded by a group of friends we often find it much easier to approach someone we find attractive.

So why are group dates so rarely considered?  Clearly, the support of friends is invaluable.

Charlie Spokes, the founder of unique dating website ‘My Friend Charlie’, believes group dates are the way forward in meeting someone new. To help you understand why, she offers insight into the many benefits of group dates:

You are surrounded by your biggest supporters

Not everyone is confident enough to approach someone new in a club or bar to ask them on a date… this is where your friends come in! If your friends are more comfortable talking to new people, you can follow their lead. You might simply find that being surrounded by loved ones boosts your confidence, as group settings can quickly put you at ease. Nerves can be pushed aside as you focus on talking to someone with confidence, knowing your friends are right by your side should you need them.

They add to the fun

It’s no secret that group activities are generally more fun. The same can be said for group dates. Simply put, you get to hang out with your closest friends, doing fun activities, whilst meeting completely new people. There’s next to no limitations when it comes to organising group dates, so you can be as out there as you want; from axe-throwing events to ghost walks, everything is more fun when you’re part of a team.


Access to a second opinion

Your friends are there to be honest with you! If they pull you away for a brief chat on how things are going, this gives them the chance to ask whether you truly like the date in question, plus, they can share their view, offering frank and helpful insight.

Nine times out of ten we trust our closest friends with anything and everything, so their opinion will always be valuable. This could not only save you time, but these raw conversations can also help you to learn about yourself, in addition to enhancing the bond you share with these friends. If your friends can see something from a distance, it’s likely you can’t. Listen to their advice, it could help you find a genuine connection.

They lessen the pressure

When you are on a one-to-one date, there’s often a lot of pressure to impress one another. All of the attention is on you or your guest, something that can be difficult to deal with.

Group dates, on the other hand, let this ‘pressure’ be shared around the group evenly, meaning you don’t have to impress one single person for the whole night. You can simply be yourself in a relaxed and calm environment knowing everyone isn’t focusing on you. Having group conversations and participating in activities where you all join in is a fantastic approach to dating that’ll help you feel more relaxed.

Group dates bring much needed variety

As simple as it seems, this point is a big one; if you don’t share common interests with your date, you don’t need to worry! Group dates allow you to ‘move on’. If there’s no chemistry, fear not, you can simply chat with another member of the group. Plus, group dates allow you to explore exciting new venues and activities that are always more exciting as a group, such as laser tag or paintballing.

For more information on group dating visit www.myfriendcharlie.co.uk

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