There is no one way of swinging a golf club, there is however one efficient way for people to swing a club based on their personal restrictions and some basic fundamentals. The key to a good golf swing is repeatability, can you replicate your swing 100 times out of 100!

If you can repeat your swing time and again irrespective of how good it looks you will hit the ball further and have a lot more accuracy.

The sequence of a good swing irrespective of style is the same for every golfer, if you are playing on the circuit or a weekend warrior!


What is the correct sequence of movements for a successful golf swing?

At its core it is all about transferring speed and energy from the ground up into the club face. The downswing starts on the ground where energy is transferred from the ground through the lower body to the hips followed by thorax, arms and then finally to the club face.

Each segment builds on the speed of the previous one increasing the speed, transferring the energy into the club face which transfers into the ball as force and speed ending in flight. 

In other words as each segment slows down next accelerates in rotation until they all come together to connect with the ball. Once the ball has been struck the body starts decelerating with the lower body beginning the process first and moving up in the chain the same way acceleration did.

This sequence of events is the key to a consistent and repeatable swing.

What leads to a less effective swing?

1) Poor Mechanics

Poor mechanics can lead to swing variations, of which there are about 12 different variations. The causes of poor mechanics range from immobile joints, tight muscles or an inability to balance effectively.

golf how to hit the ball_2

2) Poor Conditioning

If you are not strong enough or have the necessary muscle endurance you will not be able to replicate your swing time and again. If we look at the preparation of the top golfers we can get an idea as to what is needed when we get down to low handicaps.

3) Wrong Equipment

This one all golfers know about, always needing to have the latest equipment on the market! If your clubs are too long or too short it will affect your address, posture and your swing. This will negatively affect your game in the process. 

What is the key to great ball striking and improving your game? 

It is deceptively easy on paper.

1) A good kinematic sequence you can repeat time and again! – Being able to be consistent and accurate with your swing time and again.

2) Good Segmental Stabilisation – if you have an unstable base you cannot transfer speed and power from the ground up all the way through to the club face.

3) Conditioning – Although golf does not seem like you need to be physically in great shape, you have to perform explosive movements every time you hit the ball down the fairway. Good conditioning will not only allow you to hit the ball far but help keep your shape in your swing on the last couple of holes.

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