10 NLP tips to shape up and improve your day

Despite our best efforts it is a fact that unfortunately not every day starts well from the moment we wake up. And those that do don’t always remain unfailingly pleasant until we go to sleep. Having a bad day can sour a good relationship, affect your job, mess with self-esteem and have knock-on consequences that might last many days.

The journey to real, effective and lasting weight loss in one such thing that can be derailed by negative events and mindsets. Staying positive is crucial to remaining motivated. So how do we stay in the best frame of mind to lose weight? Follow these 10 steps to truly impacting natural motivation.


We have no control over so much that happens around us, but we can learn to develop the best forms of response and reaction. Thoughts control our emotions and our behaviour follows. But it is possible to turn around our thinking and re-tune it to ensure a more constructive way of operating.

To turn a bad day into something more pleasant and satisfactory, check out these 10 tips:

1 – When you wake up in the morning, ask yourself if you are willing to do your best to ensure that this will be a good day. And answer honestly!

2 – Visualize the positive things that are ahead of you today; sit with eyes closed and see yourself fulfilling all tasks smoothly and efficiently.

3 – Determine happiness as a goal. Sit down for five minutes and make a list of how to achieve it today.

4 – Keep your goals always on the positive and affirmative. “I do not want to get upset in busy traffic” does not have the same effect as “I will remain calm in the face of any obstacle.”

How to get motivated to lose weight2

5 – Think of ways to accomplish your goals for the day. Let your imagination wander through different possibilities, even if they seem impossible. Then divide this strategy into shorter, achievable parts.

6 – Anticipate how this positive and constructive day will impact on the week, the month or even year. Don’t let lingering long-term negatives hinder the achievement of your goals.

7 – Set out with the absolute belief that you can transform your day for the better. Notice how this new state of mind allows the flow of new ideas and a great constructive attitude.

8 – Take the positivity of body and soul. Keep congruence between mental posture and body posture. When we are downcast, our body language suffers too. Both elements adversely impacting on the other.

9 – Keep a good attitude in the face of adversity. Ignore the negativity of situations and people. Take control of your good mood.

10 – Repeat this recipe for the next 21 days. It is enough to internalize and ingrain a new attitude. And when your brain learns an easier path to happiness, it will not want to return to the negativity.

Believe me!

Well I’m motivated and I want to start NOW. How about you?

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