You maybe asking yourself, “Do I really care what’s so great about being a redhead?”

Well speaking as a redhead (not ginger, you understand, but lushly red) there are loads of reasons that being a redhead is awesome.

We are unique!

Each shade or tint is totally different so there is no one in the whole world that will be the exact same shade, so you’re unique as am I. Woohoo! And as everybody strives to be different we are already there and if we dye or colour our hair nobody can copy the exact shade.  How cool is that?

And somehow we have the confidence that the blondes and brunettes don’t have. It’s inherent with the hair colour. And on that note I believe it defines us – we are different – they say that blondes have more fun. I don’t think so! We’re fiery and fun, eccentric and quirky. We’re different. We look great in whatever we wear. Cilla Black – God rest her soul – use to wear bright pink with her red hair and looked great. We have style – bags of it!

What artists wrote about redheaded people

Artists through the ages painted us in all our redheaded glory, the pre Raphaelites have loads of redheads in their paintings. Paul Gauguin in fact painted images of the red-haired natives in Polynesia. And although not many artists themselves were redheaded both Vincent Van Gogh and Albrecht Durer painted self-portraits showing they were redhead and obviously proud of it! Shakespeare wrote about us as did several poets. fun facts about redheads_2The great Mark Twain had quite a fascination with red heads. Here’s a few things he said about us:

“When red headed people are above a certain social grade their hair is auburn.”

“While the rest of the species is descended from apes, redheads are descended from cats.”

“I would have loved to live in the time of Shakespeare and Queen Elizabeth, the best dressed period of the world. You know I like color and flummery and all such things – I was born red-headed – maybe that accounts for my passion for the gorgeous and ornamental.”

So he was redheaded and how wonderful to say we were descended from cats – such a royal animal, independent, slinky, magical, proud, soothing, sly, mysterious. They certainly don’t say that about blondes or brunettes do they? And he says we are gorgeous and ornamental What a very wise man!

Ian Cook’s book ‘Redhead’

A supernatural thriller tells about a spate of human sacrifices that are being carried out on redheads across the globe. The book builds upon the sense of ‘otherness’ associated with red hair throughout history and weaves a tale that’s both chilling and cinematic. The book also references some of the myths, both modern and ancient, surrounding redheads, including accounts of red-haired sacrifice in ancient Egypt and the mysterious tales that surround the red hair that pops up on Easter Island.

National holidays and redhead celebrities

How about national holidays? I mean what other hair colour have their own day apart from redheads that is. Did you know the Netherlands has a national Redhead Day. Apparently there is a National Kiss a Ginger day in Toronto Canada and how many kisses and hugs will you get on St. Patrick’s Day even if you’re not Irish?

Apparently in medieval times Romanians thought redheads were vampires. Oooh – so don’t mess with us or we’ll bite you!

What other awesome things are there for me to tell you?  Well there’s all those Disney characters including the awesome and very sexy Jessica, real celebrities like: Julianne Moore, Isla Blair, Amy Adams to name but a few and when it comes to Princes, we have our very own Prince Harry. And of course Queen Elizabeth I was a redhead and was a very determined and independent woman.

Being called ‘red’ is very cute, but some of the names we got called at school were not so nice, so we’ve developed a great sense of humour.

Let’s face we’re just all round wonderful, awesome, fun to have about, quirky, feline-like and totally unique. Go on admit it – you’re going to change your hair colour tomorrow! I would if I wasn’t already red!

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