In Part 1 I introduced you to the process of setting goals, focussing on them and striving to reach full potential. But we also looked at shortcomings and why we fail. 

We need to stay focussed and have good energy throughout the whole process of what we are trying to achieve…


Here is the secret. Stop focusing on how painful and difficult it is and start focusing on all the rewards you will get. Focusing on how difficult it is to listen to your significant other, or on the disagreements or on getting out of your comfort zone to show them that you love them, or when money becomes a problem and you two can’t get along, or when your beliefs get in the middle, of course you feel more pain than pleasure.

Instead focus on the companion, support, trust, teamwork, understanding and that you two are creating a family. This will make it easier.

The same happens with losing weight.  Focusing on the soreness, the hours of exertion, cooking, going to the grocery store, planning your meals, lifting weights, the burning muscles or the run in the cold is going to be painful. But what happens when you focus on the nice body, the increase in energy, being more confident, being independent, doing anything you like to do because you are in shape, or wearing what you want to wear? Adopting a healthy lifestyle is easier.

Owning a business is the same. All businesses have problems, with employment, members, products, vendors, contracts, marketing, legal issues, reputation, maintenance, finances … you name it.

focus and energy_2

However, what if I focus on how rewarding it is when people come to me and say, “Thank you, you have changed my life.” Or the opportunity that I have to contribute positively to this world by donating money to organizations that are improving it, or to be able to go for my walks when I am stressed, or the freedom I have to bring my dogs with me everywhere, or to create new concepts that I can apply to help other people.

When my focus is not on the problems but instead on the reward, I continue moving forward. Be ready for the difficulties, but don’t focus on them. Focus on the pleasure your goal is going to bring you.

The more you think about all the good things, all the effort you are putting in is going to bring you, the easier it gets. Yes, it is not something that is going to happen overnight.  It is a new program that you need to practice every day until your brain gets it.

Understand that it is human nature to run away from pain. lets face it, it’s not entirely normal to seek out and desire pain, our natural inclination is to avoid it or limit it as much as possible. You need to be conscious of what pain you are running to and from. I don’t blame you for that. I run from pain as well. But I have developed an awareness to distinguish between good pain and bad pain.

Focus all your energy on the results and understand that only those who can do so will achieve their goals.

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