Before you read this article, I want to tell you that it’s geared towards people who are ready to achieve their goals. My goal is to persuade you to discover and get all your potential out.

According to statistics in the U.S. there is one divorce approximately every 36 seconds. That is close to 2,400 divorces per day and 876,000 divorces a year.

95% of people who lose weight regain the lost weight within months or years.

Eight out of 10 businesses close within 18 months.

Those statistics tell us many things. Why do so many people quit or fail? It could be because they got bored, they changed their mind or things became difficult, or maybe it’s because the small percentage who succeed are especially driven. There are many reasons and factors and excuses.


My past relationships did not work. and that makes me part of some of the statistics. I know my excuses, and because I am aware of them, I am not willing to make the same excuses or mistakes again.

The truth is that when some people get married, they think that they will be in a honeymoon forever without having to work at it. Many people think that losing weight is just taking a pill and dancing to their favorite song. Others think that by opening a business people will just come in and request their service or product without them having to put out any effort. I wish it were that simple! 

Of course it is not that way at all. Everything is work in progress, a processions of events, successes and failures. THe inportant things is to keep learning and keep evolving.

My life would have been easier and I could have avoided being part of the statistics!

Everything has a price, and those who are willing to pay it get the reward. That’s very simple and fair, I believe.

We do things because we want to be happy.  If we find a mate it’s because we plan to be happy and succeed.  If we start a weight-loss program, we want to have a nice body and good health.

If we open a business, we want to provide services that are needed and have some freedom.  We usually don’t find an intimate partner, start a weight-loss program or open a business with the intention of failing or any focus on difficulties, hardships and stresses.

Then why don’t more people succeed?

Many people think about the easy parts but never about all the difficulties that come with it.  Having a family, a nice body or a business is not easy, but it is rewarding

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Here is the problem: We focus on the hard events and don’t focus on the reward.

When things become difficult, we just want to send everything to the trash.  That’s because we like easy things and don’t like it when it’s painful. However, if a small percentage can succeed, we can too, and I am going to reveal the secret to you.

In Part 2 we will look at how we counter this situation and ensure that we are steering ourselves towards the positive and rewarding outcomes we seek.

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