It’s Christmas shopping time… now what to get?

Christmas is a time of giving, receiving, and in more cases than not, adding excess pounds to the waistline. If you love your friends and family, do them a favor by getting them health and fitness Christmas presents, or at least ones that are related. I’m sure they will be very thankful… as long as you don’t come right out and tell them they’re fat!

Fitness Equipment

I decided to just lump this into one heading, but the possibilities are endless. If you are looking to go on the cheaper side, get someone a jump rope, resistance bands, gliding discs, a stability ball or a combination of all of these. If you want to go a little higher in price, get someone adjustable dumbbells, kettlebells, medicine balls or a mountable pull-up bar. Either way, the recipient of your gift will be properly set up to burn calories and work their entire body.

Gym Pass

You really can’t go wrong with a gym pass. This would be ideal for the person who has expressed interest in joining a gym but hasn’t quite pulled the trigger yet. Even if you just get them a multi punch pass, you could be the conduit that gets them going on a regular basis. Then once their pass is used up, they may end up signing up for a regular membership on their own and keep on going.


A pedometer is a handy little tool that attaches to your belt or pants and tracks the amount of steps you take during the day. These work great for people who just want to improve their health and need some type of tracking device to keep them honest and inspired. In case you’re unaware, 10,000 steps translates to 5 miles walked. People often use this as a benchmark and try to achieve 10,000 steps every day. fitness christmas presents_2

Heart Rate Monitor

A heart rate monitor is a step above a pedometer. These range in fanciness from very basic to elaborate. Any way you slice it, heart rate monitors are great tracking devices, and they would be beneficial for people who are more serious about losing weight and want to take their exercise program to the next level. As the name implies, heart rate monitors give you your heart rate at rest and while working out. A strap with a transmitter is attached to your chest while you wear a watch with a digital readout. Once it is synced up and on, you can easily see your heart rate by glancing down at your wrist. The higher grade models also give you caloric expenditure, elevation gain, distance traveled and are GPS enabled.

Gift Certificate

Often health and fitness professionals offer Specials during Christmas. Scope out local practitioners in your town and see if anything would match up with someone you are buying for. The possibilities are endless here and you are bound to find something for anyone, such as personal training, massage, reiki, acupuncture, chiropractic or yoga.

High-powered Blender

Smoothies make great quick meals or snacks, and you can pack a lot of nutrients into them. If you have a loved one who has vowed to change their eating habits in a healthier direction, a high-powered blender would be a great gift. You can also go one step further and throw in a healthy smoothie recipe book.

Go forth and give!

OK, now you have an array of options to choose from. Think twice and buy once! Certain things I mentioned can be returned, but others cannot. If you need any further assistance with specifics of what to get from above, give me a shout and I’ll lead you on the right path. In the meantime, good luck with your gifting and make this the best Christmas ever!

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