In Part 1, we were introduced to wonderful Expert Peggy Sealfon. In this concluding part she talks about her work in books amongst other things…

6. Your book ‘Escape From Anxiety – Supercharge Your Life With Powerful Strategies from A to Z’ came out last year. Can you give us a brief snippet or outline of the strategies you employ?

I’m grateful to have the opportunity to share such a range of strategies with so many people all over the world through my book. I’ve received some amazing comments from readers.


The book provides a valuable anxiety-relief toolbox and most importantly it offers immediate hope for anyone who is suffering. I’ve included over 100 highly-effective techniques culled from my trainings in ancient yogic teachings, mindfulness and spirituality to neurolinguistic programming, functional medicine, nutrition, neurosciences and energy medicine.

It’s written in an easy-to-read format with bite-sized solutions within each letter of the alphabet. So someone can open to any letter, find one solution, use it and get relief.

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The second part of the book offers an understanding of more sustainable approaches to resolving stress and anxiety forever. I’ve also created an online interface for readers to access videos and more in-depth information on an ongoing basis.

So within the book’s pages is the special log-in details for access to additional tools.

On the book’s cover, world-renowned Yogi Master Amrit Desai wrote: “…a must-read for anyone seeking fulfillment in their love life, professional life and family life.” I’m honored to have his comment.

7. You’re also the co-author of the book The Change with Jim Lutes and Jim Britt. Can you tell us a bit about what this is book about and what your section of the book addresses?

The Change: Insights into Self Empowerment is the fastest growing personal development book series in the world. Jim Lutes is a mind-sciences master and top marketer and Jim Britt is a legend in the field who was Tony Robbins’ first mentor.

As a co-author in Book 9 in the series, I’ve become part of an international collaborative of over 200 amazingly talented coaches, business leaders and trainers.

My chapter is titled: “An Integrated Life is the Way to Authentic Success.”

It offers a reorientation of priorities and a deeper understanding of how to awaken personal balance and ignite one’s inner source of passion and purpose.

Peggy Sealfon Q&A_28. Besides ‘The Change’ Do you have any plans to write any more or books or plans? If yes, what issues are you going tackle in your writing?

As a matter of fact, I’m working on a very exciting book with Yogi Amrit Desai which I hope will be out by early fall, 2016. It’s a powerfully insightful book into the inner dynamics of mind and body.

It addresses (and teaches) how to enter and remain in the “zero stress zone” where we feel blissful!

I have quite a few more plans I’m hopeful of offering at WatchFit. I’m currently tackling one about Sports Recovery using integrative relaxation for a 20-minute regenerating experience.

For instance in tennis, we sometimes have tournaments that require playing back to back matches with only a couple of hours between. Using my Sports Recovery plan, athletes can feel restored and their muscles renewed in less than half that time.

9. You wrote an article last month ‘Six Surprising Facts About Obesity & Inspiring Suggestions’ which explained that there is a link between lack of sleep and obesity.

With this in mind can you give readers any tips for a good night’s rest?

 Sleep deprivation is a growing problem and not only causes weight gain but can lead to symptoms of anxiety such as nervousness, irritability, inability to focus, irrational worries, etc.

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A few tips for a good night’s rest include:

– Get to bed at the same time every night to develop a consistent sleep routine

– Have a wind-down period before bed without using smartphones or computers because the light emitted from these digital devices are stimulating.

– Do not exercise within 4 hours of bedtime and try not to eat within 3 hours.

– The bedroom should be a dark, cool sanctuary for only two things: sex and sleep. Remove TVs and electronic devices. Read in a different room. Condition yourself that once you enter the bedroom, you’re ready for sleep.

10. What other psychological factors do you feel contributes to overeating and obesity? What can people do prevent them?

Often when someone is emotionally distraught, they feel awful and negative about themselves or their situation. Eating is pleasurable and helps them feel better temporarily. By mindlessly overindulging, they avoid facing their fears and stuff their emotions.

Consuming sugary desserts or treats actually light up “feel-good” areas of the brain so they feel uplifted but these choices are also highly addictive. Studies have shown that sugar is eight times more addictive than cocaine.

So besides addressing the psychological aspects and reducing stress and anxiety, someone would need to be mindful about the foods they consume. At the very least, they need to eliminate all sugars and simple carbohydrates (which turn to sugar).

Perhaps I’ll offer my 10-day Food Strategy Program at WatchFit. After just a few days on my program, clients are amazed at how they stop craving sugars and how much better food tastes! Plus they shed unneeded weight naturally without even trying!

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