Finally I have managed to get on two wheels, hit the road and blow the cobwebs away!

OK, so they might not be the right kind of two wheels and of my three bikes this is the one I definitely won’t be allowed to use for the upcoming charity ride. But it was nice to dream for a while!

With only a week to go before the 325km Paris to London ride I figure this is probably a good a time to tell you who we are and who we are doing it for.


I feel very proud to be part of the Tech Bikers community and play a part in the group’s money raising efforts. Tech Bikers is made up of some really wonderful people who are connected to the worlds of tech and entrepreneurship. And I can assure you that, although some of those clichéd images and impressions of techie types exist for a reason, they don’t apply to this group of varied, dynamic, sociable, generous and fun people!

The Tech Bikers idea was forged on Google Campus in 2012 and – as is the case in the rapidly moving, ever evolving tech world – became a happening reality very quickly. The idea first and foremost was for all standards of cyclist to get away from their computer screens, jump on a bike and raise serious money for charity.

A secondary reason – and I think this is something that might almost be unique to the tech community – is the sheer enthusiasm and willingness to get together and share with, help and guide those in the same industry.

Around 1,000km have been ridden so far and over £170,000 raised.

And who are we doing this for?

Room to Read might not be the highest profile charity but its intentions are truly wonderful. The ultimate aim is for a world where all children can pursue a quality education and use the results of that to help build individual communities and ultimately a better world of caring, sharing, tolerance and wisdom. And to work towards this aim the two key focus areas are gender equality in education and literacy. These have been identified as two critical areas where very real differences can be made and positive influences brought to bear.

The charity works closely with authorities and governments throughout Asia and Africa to make reading a common practice across primary school, develop literary skills and help girls complete secondary school with the skills that will allow them to push on to succeed in school and therefore further into life.

To borrow the words of Kofi Annan from the charity’s website – “Literacy unlocks the door to learning throughout life, is essential to development and health, and opens the way for democratic participation and active citizenship”.

And I think Room to Read’s strapline says it all. ‘World change starts with educated children’.

Right then, I’m off to hop on my bike, and I promise this one will not have a 600cc engine between the front and back wheels!

Parisa Louie Riding motorbike

Please checkout out Tech Bikers & Room to Read and do donate if you would like to. Thank you.

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