In this final installment of our Liu Batchelor Q&A, Liu will be discussing drive and motivation, her training programme and future plans!

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8. You obviously have great drive and motivation and have become an inspiration to so many during your 100 Sports challenge.


Who or where do you look for your own inspiration?

I’m inspired by anyone who is pushing themselves and the boundaries of what is possible – and who doesn’t take ‘that’s not possible’ or ‘that wont work’ for an answer. And by that I don’t necessarily mean only those professionals at the ‘top of their game’ – it’s just as inspiring to see a complete beginner who just simply wont give in until they master that particular first move, exercise or trick.

When someone around you is inspired enough to work their socks off to achieve something – this is a really infectious thing and it brings everyone’s game up. And this doesn’t just have to apply to sports and fitness – I’m generally inspired by anyone who has got the guts to follow their dreams.

More close to home inspirations comes from friends and fellow WatchFit contributors Laura and Barry from Rock Solid. These guys are constantly pushing themselves and their clients to be better – both physically and mentally – and I’m also so impressed with how much time and effort they invest in exploring and learning new things, so they can be constantly evolving and improving.

My partner has also been a great inspiration to me – as he took a big risk to change careers and follow his dreams. He made me realise that if there is something you know in your gut you were made to do – you have to go do it – there is no getting away from it, so ‘man-up’ and face the potential you have inside to be great!

9. What makes up your own training programme and are there any hits and tips you can share with WatchFit readers?

I always try to make my workout as varied as possible. They will always consist of basic strength and conditioning, with particular focus on legs, and then combined with sports specific training (depending what sport I’m focused on at the time).

I will always write the specifics of my workout just before I go do it – as I find its a good way to get me focused and excited about what i’m about to go do. For me this keeps it varied and interesting, and my body never gets used to any one session. I’ll try and tailor it to how my body is feeling, where it needs improving or a rest, as well as including anything sports specific I want to work on.

Liu Batchelor Q&A_2Regarding hits and tips – I believe you’ve always got to keep it interesting! If you aren’t motivated to train, have a look at why, and then change something! There is only so long you can force yourself to do something you don’t enjoy, before you run out of steam,

So rather than beating yourself up try looking for something you cant wait to go do every session! This can be on a small scale putting some variety into a workout, or mixing it up completely and looking for another sport or style of fitness.

If you don’t come away feeling better after your session – then its not the right one for you – but I promise you there is something that is, you just need to find it!

10. What can we look out for next? Any exciting plans you can share with us?

Ahh yes – so this idea of the value of variety in training, as a way to both keep yourself motivated and ‘ready for anything’ fit, has really stuck with me.

I’m lucky in that I have a library of exercises in my head so I can write myself a new plan every session – however I know for many people putting variety into their training can be tricky.

As a result, I’ve decided to put together a library of 100 Exercises in 100 Days!

My aim is to give people an encyclopedia of exercises at their disposal, so that they can put together their own unique workout every session, so that they are really excited and inspired to go complete it! And their bodies should see the benefits of variety too!

The first 7 exercises are available now for free, so go check them out, and let me know via social media what you think and what you’d like to see for the remaining 93 days!

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