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1) You are clearly held in great affection by many and are regarded as an inspiring trainer.


What are your secrets to engaging and motivating clients?

Thank you. Working with people I get to know them, what moves them, motivates them and what they fear.

Understanding people and that drives them helps me to help them manifest their goals.

Empathizing with their struggles but also believing they can overcome them is what shows them they can do anything they set their mind to. Standing for people’s dreams when they lack the courage, self belief, support or when their doubt paralyses them is the key to helping them.

The Knowledge someone believes in you when you don’t gives them the confidence to go for what they want.I can’t help developing quite an affection for all my clients, it’s just who I am.

I don’t believe there is a secret.

There is a saying “when the student is ready, the teacher will appear”.

Fitness is a journey and we are all on a different point on the path. People want to believe there is a secret to losing weight or a short cut or a pill that I or other athletes and coaches have secret. And there is no secret, except hard work, dedication, sweat and a decision to what it is you are committed to.

Once people have decided they want to be on this journey and have chosen me to be their guide, it is my privilege to push, cajole, cheer, encourage, support and help hold people to a standard in order to reach what it is they are committed to.

As a coach, it is no easy task to help people do the things they don’t feel like doing. Teaching people to manifest their fitness goals is so much more profound and emotional than counting calories in to calories out or handing someone a workout.

I truly believe that when we take ourselves to a place that is uncomfortable physically, emotional things come up and this is an opportunity for growth and an opportunity to see how we speak to ourselves in times of pressure and stress which then presents so many possibilities and openings for something new to enter.

I believe Exercise is merely a practice to learn ourselves and a vessel to change and grow our psyche. The added bonus is we get to lower our blood pressure and learn cool tricks like headstands and fit in our skinny jeans.

I remind people each session to be grateful of the opportunity to move and to acknowledge their effort, the heat they created and to thank their bodies.

2) As a Mother, do you feel more accutely aware of the health, fitness and wellbeing of coming generations?

And what can we do to guard against creeping rates of inactivity, obesity and diabetes etc?

As a mama of two lovelies. I do know children learn by example and grow up watching everything, from our words to our actions.

Regardless of being a fitness instructor I know we as a community need to learn to eat healthy and move our bodies and what greater way than as a mum.

Laine D'Souza 1

By cooking with our children we get to teach them the importance of nourishing their bodies. By exercising, walking we get time to talk, or dance in these moments we get opportunities to build awareness in our children that taking care of our bodies is actually a form of self respect and that is its time we get to be with them.

The blessing for me is I get to spend time with them all the while installing good habits from young.

My eldest was going through a “cereal” phase and I didn’t force her or demand she eats healthy I lead by example and the one says she said “mama I want a salad too” and there we have it.

3) If you could only do three exercises for the rest of you life, what would they be and why?

1. Some form or cardio (run, bike, dance) ultimately spinning.

I love the addictive sweat I get and the endorphins. I know logically it makes my heart stronger ( our hearts are muscles just like any other and in order for it to become strong it must be worked) I love the feeling of my heart beating and the wind blowing me back it’s very invigorating and makes me feel alive.

Cardio is also amazing for its effects for speeding up the heart rate it also speeds up the metabolism . We get the feel good hormone “endorphin highs” which helps so hormonal changes, fatigue and also decrease the appetite as long as help peristaltic motion for the intestines!

Long term I know that doing cardio exercise increases my muscles ability to use glucose so doing it regularly helps me regulate blood sugar levels and blood sugar swings keeping me on track, mentally it helps clear my mind and emotionally sweating helps me move any negative energy better than therapy and physically it reminds me how blessed I am to have body that moves so well for me.

2. Calisthenics because most of these exercises do not require any equipment.

Most calisthenics use your own body as your weight – an example is a pull up. A pull up not only work your back muscles , arms, shoulders, lower back and abs which is your whole core.

Calisthenics develops coordination and demands proper form, burns more calories considering more muscles need more energy than your body burns.

Most calisthenic movements are compound movements meaning several muscle groups have to work together in order to perform the movement and this the body burns more calories as a fuel for the muscles, body weight training is also so beneficial for the cardiovascular system!

3. Yoga

There are so many types yoga and it’s perfect to match what I require in the day.

Yoga’s focus on strength training and flexibility is an incredible be night to the body but also teaches balance to the mind and heart.

The postures (asanas) strength is from the inside out to create a strength of mind and heart and the look is a bonus!

Each of the asanas are created to support and reinforce the muscles around the spine which many yoginis believe to be the center of your body, which is the core from which everything else operates.

When we have a strong core which functions efficiently posture is improved. The digestive system runs effectively with the support of twisting, stretching and holding in yoga which releases many toxins in yoga is combined with other things it not only is foundation and the roof of our house but the heart our of health.

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