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In Part One of the article Laine discussed the secrets to motivation and her own three exercise favorites. Follow Part One to discover what they are!

4) I notice you have taken part in CrossFit Games. Are you a big CrossFit advocate?

I have partaken in the CrossFit Open which many affiliate CrossFit boxes encourage their members to participate in which create a wonderful community. It feeds ones competitive urges and is a humbling experience and it shows us where we sit in rankings of our region, and worldwide.

The open is a qualifier for people to go to regionals and then advance to The CrossFit Games for a chance to be awarded with what CrossFit named “the fittest in the world”

 5) You have a fascinatingly varied background: born in Hong Kong, educated in England, university in Wales, then moved to New York. This experience and worldliness at such a young age must have been a great help in allowing you to related to others and adapt to new surroundings and situations.

Growing up in so many cultures and having an English mum and a Indian Portuguese dad helped me see people regardless of age, race, the color of their skin.

It helped me to see people in times of their struggles.

Being exposed to so much diversity as birth was a blessing but also created a longing to belong to one and not all.

It had its blessings and its curses. It gave me a fearless longing for travel and a desire to experience new places and meet new people. It gave me much hope in humanity.

6) Your original ambition and early training was all about becoming an actress. How did that give way to a life in the fitness industry?

Yes I had dreams of being an actress, and growing up in places and not sure where I belonged lead me on an adventure to see many places, search for a place to call home.

I got to travel with a Shakespeare company which was frightening and exciting at the same time. being on the road I started to long for the feeling of being settled and at home not in a hotel room.

Plus as an actor I could never quite get out of my head for a long enough time to deliver an authentic enough performance.

I found teaching people exercise was something that came naturally to me and I was able to focus on them and get completely out of my head.

Teaching was my freedom and my passion and I was blessed to be able to earn a living at doing something that I love and get to inspire others to live a life they love.

Laine D'Souza Q&A_27) I think the fitness industry has not only allowed you to build a business and reputation but it has enabled you to move through adversity too…

Yes. This is the truth.

Being an athlete has shown me pushing my body to its limits and beyond that I can trust my body and in that I can trust my yourself when faced with an opposition, whatever it might look like.

Once I had learnt and built a understanding I could trust myself and trust in a higher power there was an acceptance in knowing I can walk away from anything, know no matter the outcome that if I have given my own 100%, my best effort that nothing can be taken from me.

Inner strength is what exercise and being in New York City has given me.

8) You are an inspiring and motivating person. Who or what do you look to for your own inspiration?

I love Bruce Lee!

The man was beyond athletically gifted but was a genius. After a fight Bruce Lee was told he would never walk again and beyond all odds the power of his will was stronger than his desire to give up.

I am inspired by anyone that can come out of an adversity fighting for their soul and can create a life they love.

It is the story of the caterpillar becoming a butterfly, I truly believe nothing of any worth is without struggle and once we accept the struggle as a part of growth and beauty we could be freed in so many ways, this is a constant reminder that we can have anything we want as long as we are ready, willing, able to sacrifice something in order to get it.

9) Any health/fitness hints and tips you can offer readers here that they can adopt straightaway?

– Don’t wait to start a program, don’t talk yourself out of starting something. Start now, even if it’s a walk or a yoga video. Your life is in this moment and there is no greater moment than now to start living it to create a life you love.

– Nothing is easy so find a coach, a friend a person and decide to do the difficult together!

– Drink half your body weight in water!

– Eat lots of leafy greens.

– It’s all about balance so don’t forget to exhale!

10) Any news you’d like to share and anything we can look out for from you?

I will be making more YouTube videos so please subscribe to Laine D’Souza on Youtube.

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