WatchFit takes the opportunity to sit down with Theta Healing Expert and Vitality+K founder Kerry Madgwick. 

In this exclusive interview Kerry discusses the importance and benefits of a holistic lifestyle and how it can help to nourish your mind, body and soul.

1. What inspired you to become a holistic lifestyle Expert and why is it important to you?


I was inspired by my own challenges and overcoming those gave me the passion and commitment to want to help others so they didn’t go through the years of agony and searching that I did.

At my worst, I was very ill, had no energy, wasn’t sure what was going to happen to me and then one day I decided I was sick and tired of being sick and tired.

I went in search of natural ways to heal myself as I was told that I had to be on medication for the rest of my life, this didn’t make me happy, I was shocked at the side-effects of the medication and to me this was not a path of healing but a path of continued suppression of symptoms.

I was about 80% successful from making significant changes to my diet but the other 20% alluded me for a long time until I realized that I needed to make some lifestyle changes, deal with my stress and change my beliefs.

Once I was able to work on that I truly began to heal and this made it clear to me that we need to approach our health and wellness in a holistic manner looking at the body, mind and spirit and dealing with the root causes rather than the symptoms and making changes where needed.

I am fortunate to have healed myself from supposedly incurable illnesses and my mission is now to inspire others to want something better for their lives than suffering from low energy and ill health.

2. What makes a holistic lifestyle different or more beneficial from other health or lifestyle approaches?

For me personally and my clients I have see significant changes with clients who are prepared to work on their mind, body and spirit.

For those clients who are only willing to work on one aspect for example just changing what they eat, they do get fantastic results but in order to have longer term sustainable results and reach optimal health the holistic approach for me is more beneficial and sustainable.

Kerry Madgwick Q&A_23. Something our readers may or may not know is that you have battled cancer.

Was holism something that kept you going through the difficult periods?

Yes, for me I had the belief that I could heal myself, I had attended a Gerson Therapy Workshop – they advocate a natural process of healing the body from cancer.

This inspired and helped me and I truly believe that we need a holistic approach as poor food and lifestyle choices as well as suppressed emotions cause imbalances and illness in the body.

4. One thing that stood out in your testimonials was your clients mention ‘being held accountable’ quite often.

Can you tell us what this means and how it helps people achieve their goals?

Accountability is amongst the most important aspects of my work with clients.

Being accountable for me, means being there for my clients through the tough days as well as the good days as they start their wellness journey. It is also helping clients identify their why and the bigger picture of being happy and healthy.

Generally people know what they need to do, often they just don’t know how to fit this into their lives or they may have a bad day and feel like giving up.

However as long as I am there to support and give them a push and remind them of their “why,” that they are deserving and worthy of optimal health then this keeps them accountable, and change comes with persistent, consistent effort.

5. Your book Seven Steps to Optimal Health, came out last year.

Can you tell us anything about the issues you tackle in your book or even give us a quick preview of what the seven steps are or what they address?

The main issue I tackle in my book is about changing our beliefs and truly believing that there is something better for us.

On my journey I have discovered it is not enough to want optimal health, or to think it is possible but to truly believe it is possible and the most exciting thing is that we control our thoughts and beliefs and can change this to work for us instead of against.

The seven steps are the steps I believe are essential to our wellbeing and I cover these in depth in the book:

– Our thoughts, Beliefs and Emotions
Nutrition and hydration: how to nourish the body and mind
– Taming the Toxic Overload
– Movement
– Breathing
– Sleep
– Stress

Tomorrow in Part 2 of this exclusive interview Kerry will reveal plans for her upcoming book and how Theta Healing changed her life, the lives of her clients and how it can improve yours too!

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