Health and Lifestyle Coach Kelly Benamati Q&A 

What is your biggest message to people?

I advise others to just ”Be Themselves’. I believe people want to fit in too much with society and that is what makes them blend (being afraid to be themselves in return lessening confidence to just be authentically who they are). Dress in the clothing options you like to boost morale and confidence to be yourself through your clothing selections.


Eliminate others who try to bring you down or who are toxic, they always seem to diminish our confidence. Daily positive affirmations always work for me no matter who or what doesn’t like me I am confident because I tell myself every day I am worthy, valuable, beautiful and no one can take those attributes from me but me.

What sort of balance to you aim to strike in your life?

I choose healthy options 70-80% of the time no matter whom I am with and splurge the other 20-30% so I don’t go into “binge mode”. I condition myself to only purchase foods that are healthy for myself because I know how good eating clean makes me feel. I don’t eat out often because most restaurants don’t have the most healthy meal selections and are expensive for the meals we pay for when I can pay for organic, raw and real fruits and vegetables that are the most healthy for my mind, body and spirit.

I make sure to eliminate caffeine and alcohol that are not good for our bodies (especially our liver) and eliminate as much yeast, carbs and bad fats and sugar. These types of food selections wreck havoc on our digestive systems, glycemic indexes and put me at an increase risk for many diseases including diabetes, high cholestoral, cavities, being overweight, heart attack or stroke.

I make sure to eliminate environmental toxins in our home so heavy metals cannot disrupt my hormonal levels, increase cancer risk, or cause neurologic issues or immune functioning or digestive issues that are easily controllable. My lifestyle is toxic free, including most of my household goods, beauty products and I do not use candles, dryer sheets, or products that contains drug warning labels (these are all hormonal disruptors that make you very sick and very symptomatic).

How can people start making instant meaningful changes?

I recommend that everyone remove all products from their homes that have warning labels because if the products were safe they wouldn’t have to have a “warning label”. I also recommend using all natural products that are non -toxic.

Stay away from smoke, paints, harmful cleaning supplies, Health and Beauty products have toxins in them as well so I suggest Toms, Jasons or shopping at your local all natural store that has their own brands that are safe for you and your family.

Also, be careful of black mold and do not open windows as that is one of the biggest ways to allow spores in your home that can easily grow from the moisture in the window panes. And please do not take any over the counter drugs or scripts. Try as much as possible to use all natural remedies.

What’s your philosophy?

I believe that life reacts to how we condition our minds and when we are faced with challenges we can go in with an I can do attitude and this won’t be that difficult or we can go in defeated before we even begin. Our mind is a powerful tool that can make or break us.

You describe yourself as a ‘Master of Life’. What is that? 

I feel I have always been a “Master of Life” but never applied myself to using the skills I have within and have learned along my life path to this capacity until these past few years. Pain has been one of my greatest teachers and I have 5.5 years of formalized education with two college degrees and graduated with honors so I am absolutely sure this has significantly contributed to my success and intellectual capabilities to being labelled as “The Master Of Life”.

I have also had the privilege of working with the best docs in my area and they have certainly contributed to pushing me to be the best I can in life through their infinite wisdom and teachings. The wealth of knowledge I gained working with them is irreplaceable.

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