WatchFit’s Guy Holland speaks to Patrick Rea of Body Transformation Academy about their incredible and inspiring aims to ‘change the world’. They also talk about BTA’s amazing Summit!

Q. Body Transformation Academy is doing great things for PTs who, in turn, are able to go away and achieve even better results with their clients. You talk about “changing the world one body at a time”. How do you go about this?

A. It might sound crazy but it’s a very simple idea! If we can manage to transform one million people we believe that we can set off a chain reaction that will change the world in some small way.


We’ve done the maths and we need 10,000 trainers trained up on the life changing aspects of Body Transformation by 2020. On average trainers who’ve worked with us have 20 to 25 clients a year, so for example 20 x 10,000 = 200,000 people transformed!

We believe that when someone transforms their life it will positively impact the five people closest to them; their mother, father, siblings, best friends, husbands, wives, partners. So taking those five people multiplied by 200,000 we have a good chance of setting off a massive chain reaction and creating a really positive effect in the world.

We believe that if we can just hit that first target we will be able to harness a tremendous domino effect. We are proud to be associated with Tough Mudder as their Provider of Mental Preparation Techniques and they have just surpassed their two millionth customer.

So we believe that we have a fighting chance after our chats with them. It might sound like some crazy idealistic dream, but what’s wrong with that? We believe it’s attainable and we want to help a lot of people!

Q. I know you place great emphasis on sharing and creating a community for Professionals. BTA clearly believes there is room for everyone in the fitness and health industry and we are better off collaborating than competing.

A. Absolutely! Our philosophy is that there are 7 billion people in the world, most of them aren’t in great physical condition and there is more than enough to go around.

Take the zebra – if you look at a herd of zebra, you will see them all in great condition because that’s the way that nature designed them to be. Neither too fat nor too thin. Humans on the other hand have free will and our predetermined behaviour patterns are much looser. We have a lot more need for education and educating.

It is on this basis we believe that by banding together we can open massive new and highly profitable markets for fitness professionals which have been untouched until now. However it all hinges on us collaborating with the right people and fighting to get people to fall in love with their body and with exercise.

Q. You had a Summit earlier in the Summer. What was that all about and who attended?

A. Ah, that is a good question! Lazo Freeman, CEO of the Body Transformation Academy has been transforming all sorts of bodies and people over the last 13 years. Before this he was a Biochemical Engineer trained at UCL. Lazo, has put his engineer cap on and reverse engineered the process of body transformation.

While doing so he has observed that it hinges on Five Laws. These Five Laws have been specifically applied to Body Transformation thus, the Five Laws of Body Transformation. From what has been observed we’ve seen that the greatest coaches throughout time have applied these laws, anyone from Tony Robbins, to Charles Poliquin and Sir Alex Ferguson.

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The Five Laws are very simple. There is the first component – Values. In order to change any life we must know what they value most. Secondly we have the Law of Association. The Values of a person must be aligned to the goal that is targeted, eg. aligning a father’s love of his children to the benefits that sport/exercise/fitness/wellbeing will bring his children.

Thirdly – The Law of Inspiration. The coach must inspire and motivate his client to get into motion and aid them to create momentum. Fourth – this is probably the most exciting law of all – the Law of New Realities. You must show your client what they can do and demonstrate it for them.

We see some really really crazy things happening here! One of our students, Kasia, who had trained hard for 13 years had 10 pull ups as her best ever…. within five minutes of the implementation of this technique she did 26 reps! Honestly! The bar of what she can do is now forever reset and a roadblock in her mind dissolved.

Fifth and the most powerful of all is the Law of Conditioning. We condition a person’s self-image so that they see themselves at that new and better level. Forever! This is difficult but can be done, and when it is people can stay in shape over a whole lifetime.

We are very proud of the genuine effects this ‘secret’ has been making to many lives and PT businesses already. We have so many happy students and the most incredible piles of heartfelt testimonials with amazing fats and figures to back them up.

Q. Is this what attendees at BTA Summit experienced?

A. Exactly…all of that and more! We really and truly wanted everybody attending to learn as much as possible, be better equipped than ever before and then to go out there and do wonderful things for current clients, all future clients and their businesses and careers. Lazo delivered a presentation on the Five Laws, he also spoke very personally of his own remarkable life journey so far and that transfixes any room! Then we had two or three other speakers give short presentations and great added value.

We are only charged a basic £20 for the day to learn from BTA and Lazo Freeman – one of the highest profile and most successful PTs anywhere, because we genuinely want other industry professionals to benefit. It was a sell-out and I think we achieved our aims.

Q. It sounds like Lazo has re-written the rule book on what can be achieved by PT’s. How has he done this?

A. Lazo is an amazing innovator. Honestly, I don’t know how he came up with the stuff but I’m sure glad that he did! Lazo has had a lot of great influences in his life, he has studied under many great teachers such as Dr Joe Dispenza, Dr John Demartini, Amy Africa and many others.

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* Lazo Freeman – London’s first £10k+ a programme trainer. 

He has also had a good grounding in NLP as do many of the great masters. Lazo has a rare way of looking at the world whereby he sees the connections and links where a lot of other people don’t.

To say he created anything totally new new would be a lie, he simply put together the best parts of the best systems that he observed over the years. What came out the other end was the discovery of the 5 Laws of Body Transformation.

Q. The summit sounded like amazing value and a superb opportunity for fitness pro’s to learn from one of the most successful and significant figures in the industry.

A. That’s exactly what it was, and there will be more!

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