What does a typical week’s training involve for Nadine Du Toit?

According to the somatotype theory, I’d be a typical endomorph combined with a small part mesomorph body type. Which means, I gain fat easily and lose it with difficulty.

When I don’t work with weights or have intense workouts, I won’t have an athletic and toned body and display a much softer, curvy look. Therefore, heavy weight training is crucial for me.


Sunday: Legs (4-5 sets at high reps 20-25)

Monday: Shoulders/abs (4-5 sets at low, heavy reps 7-10)

Tuesday: Back (4-5 sets low reps, 6-10)

Wednesday: Legs and plyometrics (4-5 sets at medium reps, 8-15)

Thursday: Arms and Chest (4-5 sets at low to medium reps, 6-12)

Friday: Functional training (fast and furious body weight and kettlebell work) I do boxing 3 times a week as well as sprint and stair work 2 times a week. This counts as my HIIT cardio and really keeps it interesting!

What are your must do exercises and why?

For me it’s anything that brings fun and diversity into my workout. Whether it’s to learn to climb ropes, doing monkey bars on functional day, Turkish getups with kettlebells, NFL-type sprint training, powerlifting and so on.

I can’t do the same exercises day in and day out, so my must do exercise is anything that challenges me to use my body and athletic abilities in new and novel ways.

What exercises do you least like and why?

Have an intense dislike of weighted squats! It feels like it’s mentally more exhausting than physically, because it takes so much focus to make sure that the right muscles are firing, knees “stay out”, keeping an upright position, glutes as low as possible AND breath correctly!! Hahaha, the technicality of doing this lift correctly really gets to me.

What body parts do you find most difficult to train and why?

If you’d ask me a year ago, my answer would’ve been my legs. I competed in fitness pageants in the bikini division for 3 years and leaning out my legs that carries more muscle and size than your average bikini competitor proved to be bit of a challenge and stressor.

However, I’ve come to accept my body structure just as it is and do not try to fit myself into a stereotypical box anymore. Now I can honestly say that every body part is challenging to train, but not difficult any more.

What tips have you got for women (and men) looking to get into the best physical shape they can?

Get a coach for expert knowledge, guidance and accountability, it just takes the guess-work out of your journey and it’s also very motivating to be a part of a team. Do your training first thing in the morning however painfully difficult it might be (I’m not a morning person, so I know!), this will help you avoid all those silly excuse later in the day that could be an obstacle for you to get to your workouts.

Meal planning and preparation is also very important, healthy choices are very hard to make in this world of convenience and marketing driven junk food. Get a cooler bag, pack your meals for the day and enjoy nutritious, home cooked food on the road, in the office or at classes.

Nadine Du Toit_3

How do you maintain your motivation to train and follow a nutrition programme? Have you any tips for our readers?

Haaha! This is a toughie for me, because it feels like I was born with DNA to love any type of junkfood out there! Accountability is the key motivation here. I keep myself accountable toward myself using a daily nutrition journal, to my husband, we encourage each other to eat well and also to a coach who checks in on me every once and again.

Some tips: Do your homework! There are an abundance of amazing and tasty recipes with clean (no sugar, chemicals and unnecessary fat) ingredients. If you crave a treat, find an alternative way to make it healthy and nutritious! And you’ll feel proud about the effort you took to nourish your body and invest in your health.

My vision is to change the world, one woman at a time, which I’m striving toward daily with the women I coach, educate and lead.

What type of diet do you follow?

A balanced nutrition plan that is high in plant and animal based protein. I don’t believe in cutting out food groups, so I include fruit, starchy carbohydrates, vegetables (fibrous carbs) and healthy fats as well. I do however, replace milk with home made almond milk, as dairy/lactose is not my best friend.

Do you work out your own nutrition or have someone assist you/do it for you?

At the moment I do it myself, but every now and again I’ll reach out to a mentor of mine to stay on track and keep accountable.

Anything else you would like to add?

I’m a life coach, focusing on nutrition, training and life goals  and I am the founder of GloryGirl Fitness, an online women’s transformation coaching and training programme. My vision is to change the world, one woman at a time, which I’m striving toward daily with the women I coach, educate and lead. Every GloryGirl ends her body, mind and soul transformation journey with a glamorous photo shoot!

This is another passion of mine, setting up photoshoots for my clients where they discover how truly wonderful it is to celebrate themselves and capture images that they never thought possible!

Currently I’m also the only South African Bikini Pro within The WBFF ranks and coaching and mentoring other ladies who would like to pursue a goal of entering the fitness pageant world. I’m a brand ambassador for Lorna Jane active wear in Dubai.

I also love writing and contributing features and articles to a selection of international publications like Shape, Fitness, Physique, Women’s Health & Fitness and Viva magazine.

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