How did the Jessica Ennis double work come up and what does this and has this involved?

I had been signed with a sports modelling agency for a few months then I got a call about doing some body double/stand in work for Jessica Ennis for Powerade. I absolutely loved it and after Powerade worked with me on that job, they requested me for various other adverts to body double for her. It was the break-through I had been waiting for, as it seemed that once I had done a few adverts, more work seemed to come in.

I body doubled for Jessica in adverts for Powerade, BP and also adidas. Once I started to become established as a body double, I was offered a role in the British film ‘Fast Girls’, where I body doubled for the main actress (Lenora Critchlow) who plays a sprinter.


Because the film is centred around two female sprinters trying to qualify for the British athletics team, there were numerous running scenes which had to look authentic, which is why they needed real athletes to run in some of the scenes.

The filming days were very tiring repeatedly doing take after take of flat out running but it was an amazing experience, seeing it all come together and walking down the red carpet at the world premiere of the film in Leicester square.

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What type of diet do you follow and how are you learning about fitness modelling?

I have to confess as a sprinter my diet was appalling! I don’t have a big appetite so I could get away with eating pretty much what I wanted. I ate relatively healthily but I would often miss meals or forget to eat if I was busy. I have a bit of a sweet tooth too so I ate quite a lot of sweets which would boost my energy but then I would crash afterwards.

Now I can safely say my diet is a lot better thanks to my trainer Louise. It’s made a big difference because I have a lot more energy than I used to have and I can train harder. I eat every 3 hours and try to eat as cleanly as possible. I follow a bodybuilder’s diet which involves eating a high protein diet so protein with every meal, which is either lean meat such as chicken/turkey or fish and also taking protein shakes.

What are you plans for the future?

I plan on continuing with modelling. I really enjoy doing body double work but would like to make a name for myself as a fitness model as well, so that I can be known for my face as well as my body!

Anything else that you would like to add?

Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there and there is a lot to be said for networking when it comes to the fitness modelling industry so it helps to try and build up some contacts. It has to be said a certain amount of luck is involved when it comes to modelling but to an extent you can make your own luck by creating opportunities for yourself and making the most of them, which is exactly what I did.

Natalie Jowett Achievements

– BSc Psychology (Loughborough university)

– MSc with distinction Sport Psychology (Loughborough university)

– Personal trainer

– Set up my own sports massage business aged 19

– Published academic

– British junior 100m champion

– Body double for Jessica Ennis

– Body double Leonora Critchlow ‘Fast Girls’ film

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