In Part 1 yesterday we introduced you to Rebecca Clem. Here we continue our chat with this super talented fitness professional…

Personal training is clearly very individual as each person and their goal will be different, but what would you say are the main focus points for most of your clients looking to get in shape and stay healthy?

This is a great question. Over the years it has evolved quite a bit. When I first started training clients, I would say most people wanted to look better by losing a tremendous amount of weight. It was mostly an extrinsic approach for them. Over the last few years, many of my clients are coming to me to be healthy. They are interested in being able to run after their grandchildren, get off blood pressure medication and to just keep their body moving. Nutrition counseling has played a huge part in this shift, as many of my clients have had a bad relationship with food in the past. I try to teach all of my clients to view food as fuel. You wouldn’t put junky fuel into a Ferrarri, so don’t put junky food into your body. If you want your body to ‘run’ it needs to be treated as a high performance machine.


You have discussed the importance of cardiovascular activity in some of your previous articles for WatchFit. What do you prefer to do for your cardio workouts and how does it alter when you are competing?

For cardio, I love to run. I try to get in 15-20 miles a week. In addition, I love to do tabata and high intensity interval training workouts, especially when I am short on time. That way I can get both my cardio and strength training done.

We have a lot of requests for specific diets revolving around vegan, gluten free, keto and other dietary needs. What do you normally advise your clients to eat and do you have any specific foods, or group of foods that you feel we should or shouldn’t be eating?

Rebecca Clem 3My main advice to clients is, if it seems too good to be true it probably is! For example the cookie diet, or the most recent cake diet. The best way to look at food is a fuel source, and a fuel source only. Eating should not be attached to your to your emotional state. In addition, team every carbohydrate with a protein source and don’t starve yourself.

Nearly every month there are new forms of fitness or new groups of communities that arise. Some stick and become hugely successful such as CrossFit and marathon/half-marathon running. What do you think the future of fitness holds?

The future for fitness holds more group based training. I expect to see more of the team adventure races, more MMA based programs and more dance-yoga-body weight training.

Could you sum up for us in a few lines what you think the best advice is for someone looking to start their fitness journey, or someone who has never set foot in a gym before.

Don’t wait another day! There will never be a perfect day to start. Walk into the gym and explain that you are a newbie. Working in a gym, I learned to love these individuals, as it always takes so much strength and confidence to come into a gym asking for help. I know that these individuals need to be there and will work hard. Ask questions often, get to know the trainers and the people who work the front desk. Take classes, even the ones you think you might hate. Lastly – stay positive. Stick to the plan and if you fall of the track, don’t worry, hop right back on!

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