Yesterday in Part 1 we introduced you to WatchFit Expert and ‘Master of Life’ Kelly Benamati. Here we conclude an illuminating Q&A with her.

Do most people make the same kind of life mistakes?

I do feel the majority of people complicate life without even realizing it and some it is their oxygen. Life can be super simple but people choose to complicate it with their drama, unkind words, busy schedules that can be easily simplified, others don’t know how to say NO, dating the wrong people and continuing to live lives they don’t like with people that drain them and that creates big messes, they don’t pray enough or build relationships with healthy people and continue to do the same thing expecting different results, people have a hard time saying sorry and owing their mistakes and place unnecessary blame on innocent people, they have difficulty loving themselves and exercising self care which makes it extremely difficult for the people that try to love them and some just don’t know how to eliminate junk, toxicity, toxic relationships and keep the peace.


Going round and round is not the answer. I am a problem solver but the issue is I can’t make people use my solutions to simplify their lives.

It is vital that adults set a good example to kids and try and create good habits early

Absolutely. I recommend that families shop together and purchase items their children like or will try that look appealing to them and are healthy for their bodies. Food is our medicine and we must put good items into our bodies in order to feel amazing and disease free. I suggest buying foods high in protein and good fats and lower in carbs that will keep their bodies satiated longer so they do not continue to snack in between meals. Although nuts are good for your body they are hard on your digestive track hence the reason we see them in our feces because not all of the food product gets broken down, the same goes for corn.

I also recommend making your children drink bottled water, starve cancer cells (which means little to no sugars) and encourage teas for desert that also have good antioxidants in them. Do not put your children on diets’ as they are not necessary. Teach your kids to eat healthy and they will never have to diet a day in their life. Do not teach them to count calories but to actually get the right amount of nutrients in their body that will keep them fuller for longer periods of time and also to get the proper nutritious foods they need. Lastly, be a good example for your kids and eat the types of foods you want your children to eat.

When they see you eating clean they will also want to do the same. And allow them to splurge from time to time so they do not want to binge eat. I use reverse psychology and that works really well. I keep sugar items in the freezer or upper shelves of my cabinets and make fruit easily available so my kids will select the fruit and are less likely to want the sugary foods. Works great and I suggest trying it.

How do you inform and inspire people?

I would have to say my kids and I are the greatest drastic walking testimony for others to witness. When I was married my ex husband hated this type of lifestyle and we were limited to practicing and living the way we wanted to and that was best for us but it certainly hindered us immensely.

As soon as I left him in 2009 I began little by little making us change our environments and healthy food options. Our behaviors changed drastically, we became almost symptomatic free, in a very short period of time. We have slept better than we ever have these past several years, we eliminated our brain fog and are less afraid than we used to be because we have gotten away from our abuser as much as we can, we use magnesium oil for muscles cramps, headaches, sleepless nights, hyperactivity, and feeling nervous. We make sure we get enough exercise and take our vitamins and minerals regularly.

We express our gratitude before bed and have the greatest spiritual connection we have ever had. Gratitude changes our attitude. We post positive affirmations around our home that scientific studies have shown actually change our brain chemistry and cell formations and dramatically reduce stress. We cannot speak words like drama and we don’t gossip about others. We really strive to change people’s lives with our actions and words. We don’t have a lot of clutter and we simplify our lives and just live life happily together. We make good friend selections and build each other up and encourage each other. I positively reward good behavior instead of constantly discipline negative behavior and that reverse psychology has worked greatly to our advantage.

Stress seem to be an increasing factor in many lives

I believe handling stress and success is all in how you view it and condition yourself to perceiving it and receiving it. I humbly serve half a million people around the globe and I am a world leader. If you can master your emotions you have the battle won. You cannot allow others to get you off your path and you must not give any attention to your haters.

I recommend deleting, blocking and moving on quickly. They do not deserve your time or attention and one day they will be your follower so don’t worry about that. I believe other people have a harder time handling our success, public attention and large followings that we actually do.

We all set ourselves up to be successful in our business and honestly everyone else are the ones that have a hard time accepting our success and belief in ourselves. Believe in yourself, know your value and worth, and be confident while mindful manifesting what you want your self fulfilling prophecy to look like don’t deviate from these things and you can handle anything that comes your way.

Do you have a final message for your WatchFit readers?

To master your life it is a MUST to Believe in Yourself, Simplify your life and always be authentically YOU. If you don’t believe in you then no one else will. If you complicate things way too much you will feel scattered and too dedicated to everything, accomplishing very little. If you are not just being YOU then you ultimately attract the wrong people and success attracts success and like – minded attracts like – minded individuals. Be you and allow the right people to come into your life.

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