We are very excited to announce that we are launching one of the most fascinating and personal series of features you could possibly hope to follow.

Expert Contributor Derryn Brown is newly pregnant and she has agreed to exclusively document the whole journey in words, pictures and films here at WatchFit.

The award-winning trainer will be recording her experiences every step of the way. At the beginning of each month there will be an extensive overview in which Derryn will share her exercise routine at that time, also her meal plans, nutrition intake and supplementation.


A real-time series

There will also be a series of identically staged pictures every four weeks to give a clear illustration of the body shape as it changes over the entire process.

WatchFit Founder and CEO Parisa Louie commented, “There will not have been too many more real-time documentaries like this before, something so detailed, authentic and entirely honest. And the fact it is being shared by a top international fitness and training expert adds a significant dimension to the journey and the insight.”

Derryn Brown, a former winner of Shape Magazine’s ‘Personal Trainer of the Year’ is equally excited to be sharing the months up to and beyond the birth of her second child.

derryn brown pregnancy journey_4Pre and post birth

“Not only will it be about the pregnancy and all event and changes during it, but I’ll be continuing on through into the whole post birth shaping up and body recovery phase. So I’ll be going the whole course with you and there’ll be no hiding!”

She added, “The idea is to give the whole story and to therefore provide the greatest amount of information for readers and viewers to learn from. I hope women find it a huge help and men…well, they’ll find out an awful lot about what we go through and the kind of support they can give.

“By definition there is nothing more natural than being pregnant and giving birth. Yet there is still so much uncertainty out there about so many aspects of it. Lots of conflicting information even about things as fundamental as the actual birthing process. I want to cut through as much of it as I can in the areas I know most about, which are all things to do with health, fitness, human performance, nutrition and well-being.”

Success stories

Derryn is responsible for many success stories.  She offers personal training, careful consideration of which supplements are right for you and your body and rehabilitation to recover from injuries. One example of how successful her methods are can be seen in the incredible transformation below.

derryn brown pregnancy journey_3The pregnancy journey

Every four weeks Derryn will deliver a detailed update showing her body shape changes, outlining her training for that month, demonstrating the exercises she has been doing and listing her meals and supplementation intake.

“The whole thing will be very honest and open and I plan to share any issues that arise if they will help others learn valuable lessons. Everybody coming with me on this journey will get the real picture over the days weeks and months. The ups and the downs, the joys and maybe a few frustrations…but at all times I aim to show how you can stay active and how you also have to make adjustments and how you fully embrace this amazing time.”

Alongside the big monthly round up of editorial, pictures and videos, Derryn will be providing on-going film clips and information for WatchFit social media.

So keep coming back. Watch, listen and learn from Derryn in real-time at WatchFit as this brilliant fitness professional goes through one of life’s most important phases…

See Derryn’s Q&A feature here and come back very soon for the first chapter of Derryn Brown’s pregnancy series…

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