Following on from Derryn’s most recent diary of her food intake, supplements and general pregnancy condition, here she shows us what stretches she is using at the moment.

Derryn will also be providing a run down of her workout at 14 weeks later on in this series!

14 week pregnancy stretches

All workouts, exercises and sporting pursuits – if they are really going to work properly for you, must involve a stretching element.

I know this is the bit that carries the least interest for most and is the part that is likely to be rushed, abbreviated or even missed out altogether. It is the same the world over.

However – don’t!

Stretching is hugely important to minimising risk of injury, preparing the body and maximising results.

So here are my stretches for you this month…

All the stretches I do follow the principles of active isolated stretching. Holding the stretch for 2-3 seconds and then releasing and doing around 6/8 times before moving on to the next side.

Imagine when you throw your swimming towel into the water, what happens?

It comes out completely drenched of course. So two people grab the towel (one person on each end) and they start to twist and pull it In opposite directions, the water drains out pretty quickly.

Now with this kind of stretching I just mentioned, we don’t want the blood to drain from our muscles, we want to pump in and out with new oxygenated blood, hence why we don’t hold the stretch for a crazy amount of time.

1. Glute stretch:

derryn brown 14 weeks pregnant stretches_2Seated on a bench or chair, make sure to sit up right, cross your one leg over the other. Move forward from your hips. You should feel this stretch in your small glutes.

This is a great way to stretch your glutes especially in the later stages of pregnancy when your belly is big.

2. Lower back stretch:

derryn brown 14 weeks pregnant stretches_3Lying on the floor on your knees, aim to get your glutes to the heels of your shoes whilst stretching your arms straight out in front of you. Focus on big deep breaths in and out.

3. Hip flexor stretch:

derryn brown 14 weeks pregnant stretches_4Place yourself in a lunge position on the floor, tuck your pelvis under and gently move forward.

Don’t lean forward without tucking your pelvis under first. You should feel the stretch on your hip flexor (front side of your upper thigh)

4. Quad stretch:

derryn brown 14 weeks pregnant stretches_5Standing with some support, especially for later months in pregnancy when your balance is a bit off. Pull your one leg up and grab with your opposite hand.

Again tuck your pelvis under and try to keep your pelvis level.

5. Neck stretch:

derryn brown 14 weeks pregnant stretches_6Gently push your neck to the one side and hold for 2-3 seconds then change sides.

6. Second neck stretch:

derryn brown 14 weeks pregnant stretches_7Gently push your neck downwards in the direction of your opposite foot hold for 2-3 seconds and then change.

7. Forgot the pec stretch:

derryn brown 14 weeks pregnant stretches_8Place your arm on the wall and twist your body away from the wall, you should feel a great stretch across the front of your chest.


If it didn’t before, I accept that stretching may still not excite you, however I hope you do grasp its importance and will remember to build it into your exercise and workout programmes.

In terms of stretching during pregnancy, the importance, does not diminish – quite the opposite.

However as the body changes shape allowances will have to be made, but there will always be stretches to perform to ensure a warmed and flexible body ready to engage in physical activity.

In her next article, Derryn will guide us through a comprehensive series of ‘at home exercises‘ that she is using right now. 

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