Davide Alfonsi is a fitness professional with a fascinating life. He knows what life is like as a hedonistic ‘bad boy’, living for the moment, living to party. He also knows what a radical lifestyle change is like and the rewards for turning it all around.

Davide is working on a book all about mindset and willpower as well as overall holsitic health and fitness. And he really knows what  he is talking about!

WatchFit is running a series of fascinating on-going articles by Davide based around this book content – those already published can be found from his profile page.


Here, WatchFit speaks to Davide who offers fascinating and honest answers to a series of 10 questions…

1. How important do you find personal development and mindset to be when trying to improve your fitness or losing weight?

Personal development is the key to an inspired and mindful life. At the end of the day all we have is our body and our brain, without those our possessions and achievement mean nothing.

As human beings we have been gifted with the most amazing capacity to turn our thoughts into ideas and make them part of reality.

The least we can do is learning how to use this gift at the best of our possibilities

I always try to find out the true motive behind the craving for a fit body in all my clients. Nobody just wants to lose weight, but the feeling they will get from improving their bodies will help them when facing the true challenges of life.

That’s why developing awareness and self worth will lead to incredible results both in the gym and in life.

Mindset is a step forward

Once you know what truly motivates you, a strategy to visualize and make those goals concrete is the best way to get there. The beauty of mindset is that can be learned through fitness and further applied in business, relationship and social settings.

If you are able to stick on a training program, nutrition plan and tailor it around your daily lifestyle, it will be a no brainer to apply the same structure to every project you will embark in the future.

Training your body means training your mind.

Davide Alfonsi Q&A_52. Can you tell us a bit about your Five Step System?

The Ki-Force method I developed has five steps that, once put together are a recipe for success.

They are: mindset, goal settings, training, nutrition and accountability.

The problem with the fitness industry is that most trainers focus too much on one thing. That could be nutrition, strength, conditioning, mobility, bodybuilding and such.

Those are all great but we need to realize that we are dealing with normal people that are rarely looking to jump on a stage, they only want to feel good, strong and energetic. As a trainer a common mistake is to try shaping your clients into another you. The reality is that it doesn’t work.

What truly works is taking the time to know your client and find his real motive behind hiring you (Mindset), setting realistic goals that are in line with what he or she wants.

Agree with the client on a training schedule that is sustainable and fits his or her lifestyle

Implementing little healthy habits every week without overwhelming the client with too many changes at once. Make sure everything is monitored and he or she can keep accountable using a diary and daily texts.

Most people see the gym as a jungle and have no idea what it takes to transform, our duty as coaches is to make them feel welcome and get them to love the experience.

3. What do you think are the biggest benefits for those following the five step system?

My system is a coaching process. I help people to understand themselves through training and mindset. I always teach them why we do certain things, whether is eating a certain food at a certain time, developing a mind muscle connection or keeping a diary to always be accountable.

I use the five steps to give them the body they want but they will indirectly be able to apply the mindset, goal settings and accountability in everyday life.

Every week they will experience more energy, better mood, more confidence and a feeling of strength and power.

Put all those together and it’s easy to see why many of my clients quit their job to start a new business, got promoted, got married or found the loved one.

Our actions are a reflection of our inner state. If we are in a good state we will make good choices. If we are in a lousy state well…a workout can turn the day around.

Davide Alfonsi Q&A_34. Do you have any mentors or other people you admire?

I had many mentors since I’ve started my career. My first was Pier Venturato, an ex bodybuilding world champion and one of the most respect expert of kidney diseases. I’ve worked with him in a pharmaceutical company back in Italy and he helped me develop a passion for nutrition, biology and weight training.

When I moved to London I have been mentored by a very mysterious guy called Kumar. He came from a family of healers from Singapore and was meditating a minimum of four hours a day.

We lived together and he coached me every day into different aspects of the human mind.

I, lately, have been coached by Peter Cohen, a very famous life coach featured in many books and TV shows for ITV.

My last mentors were Rehan Jalali and Lazo Freeman. Rehan is world known to be the Hollywood trainer, he coached stars like Ben Afflek, Halle Berry, Stallone and many others, he’s a total wizard when it comes to supplements and nutrition. Lazo is the UK N1 body transformation coach. We often catch up and train together.

Last but not least Tony Robbins and Paul Chek have been mentoring all along with their books, videos and tips…I wish one day I will be able to thank them in person.

Return tomorrow to see Part 2 of this Q&A and find out what keeps Davide motivated and his journey from party animal to fitness coach. 

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