In Part 1 fitness professional Davide Alfonsi started to tell us very honestly about his philosophies and the wildly varying paths his life has taken. Here he concludes this fascinating, candid and inspiring interview.

5. Do you have any advice for people who don’t like exercise; can they learn to like it?

The best advice I can give is: give yourself a chance to be a better version of yourself. Most people that don’t like exercise simply can’t see the hidden benefits of training. I am not talking about a toned body and a strong grip. Those are just adaptations of our body to the external stimuli.


What I’m talking about is that feeling of confidence, energy and boosted mood. Training is for everybody since our body is made to move.

Remember what Richard Branson said in a past interview when asked what was his secret? “ I work out every morning” he said.

6. What keeps me motivated?

As you can imagine I spend a lot of time scanning my mind, analyzing emotions, sensations and intentions (as the buddhist teachings advice). For me is a constant battle trying to create something of value for myself and the people around me.

I take great pleasure in helping people and therefore knowing that my service is valuable to the world. This is what keeps me motivated with my clients and my business.

My past insecurities are still calling me at times and I am always striving to improve my body since being obese as a kid was the greatest source of pain, and I don’t want to get there anymore.

This is more than enough to keep me motivated with my diet and training. I also have a visual board where I plan my week and cross the days where I’ve been compliant. Lastly I have a bodybuilding coach to keep me accountable. My belief is: every little bit helps!

Davide Alfonsi Q&A_87. What have been your biggest challenges on your road to fitness and happiness?

Oh dear! I have a long list but I’ll try keep it lean. First being obese as a kid, bullyied and feeling inadequate. Than my parents split and I got left with a feeling of resentment and lack of love. Than a missing feeling of belonging to my community in Italy that led me to London.

Than a massive abuse of drugs, partying, meaningless sex and jealousy towards my friends because of my insecurities. And lastly a life or death scenario that was a true wake up call.

Nowadays I see my hospital adventure as the best thing that happened in my life because forced a mostly needed change.

The hardest thing is to acknowledge you need to change your life, and the only way to do so is getting rid of the people that are sabotaging it. It is scary because you don’t know what’s next and being alone might feel overwhelming.

But is in the darkest moments that you will see the people that truly care for you and your heart will be filled with joy.

All along this troublesome life training has been my only weapon to fight depression, insecurities and creating a better version of myself. No wonder I am willing to dedicate my whole life to it.

Davide Alfonsi Q&A_28. If you could only do three exercises what would they be?

1. Deadlift: of course, it works 80% of your muscles and will give you a great posture, avoiding injuries, back pain and knee problems. It will also make you look taller. And did I mention that is proven a straight posture results in a dramatic and long lasting mood boost?

2. Pull ups: I just believe a man needs to have a great V shape

3. Lateral raises: They just make you look so good in clothes!

9. Where do you find is the most productive place to work out? Do you swear by the gym or prefer to work out alone?

I’m old school. I like the gym vibe. The smell of iron and sanitizer, people screaming or posing in front of the mirror with loud music. I work in a studio but I go to a different gym. It’s my treat. Also when I lift heavy I sound like a T-Rex having a horgasm and I don’t want to scare other trainers and their clients.

10. Top three tips for staying healthy and getting in shape

1. Keep a diary and write down what you eat, your mood, when you train and one reason to be fit daily. This is the most amazing tool I’ve learned as suggested by the N1 nutritionist in the world John Berardi.

2. If you go naughty forgive yourself and start fresh the next day. We are humans in the end.

3. Get someone to coach you: that can be a fit friend or a paid professional. Why figuring out things yourself when someone has figured it all out already? Be smart. Your body is your greatest asset, invest in it.

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