Introducing Claire!

Claire Aves- one of our fascinating Expert Contributors- sits down with WatchFit to share a little of her story, and answers some reader questions.

Have you always had an interest in fitness and physical activity?

Yes since I was 8 years old I have been involved in sports, starting with football, playing for Millwall Lionesses until I was 14. I also attended athletics club weekly from age 10-14 doing 100/200m. And there was also trampoline club! I took part in many sports in secondary school, and my love grew with the gym when I was 16 and I left school.

I then moved on to pass my level 2 fitness instructor when I was 18 and started teaching step and aerobics in my local area. I passed my level 3 PT course a little later on.

My daughter was born and I continued as soon as I could with my passion to help others. The years since have been very exciting and included the disciplines of boxing, wrestling and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. And now I do fitness bodybuilding with the WBFF.

If you could only do three exercises for the rest of your life, which would they be and why?

1. Deadlift: a brilliant compound exercise working many muscles groups – back, legs, core, arms

2. Squat: compound exercise again – different variations target different muscle groups – gluteus, quads, core

3. Glute Bridges: love these – heavy – low reps high sets so you really hit the maximums gluteus

You have had a few battles in the boxing ring too. Surely it is not an typical thing for someone who does fitness modelling! How did that come about? And will you be boxing again?

The first fight I did was for “Models Fight Night”. We trained quite intensely for 12 weeks, and we wore a big headguard which was basically a crash helmet. I had two of these fights but felt like I wasn’t boxing properly, with the head gear restricting visibility.

I moved onto another promotion – White Collar Boxing- where you wore a normal headguard… this is when I really fell in love with the sport. It became a passion of mine, and a real art form.

I now have an amazing coach – Adam Spelling of Lansbury Boxing Club – and since training with Adam I feel more confidant and accurate as a boxer. My first semi-pro fight on is on 5th December in Brighton.

What is your approach to personal training and working with your clients?

I thrive on guiding my clients to their goals. On every occasion it is as much my goal as theirs. I use all my knowledge and experience with each client.

Each client is treated as an individual, and the workouts are always interesting and selected to benefit that specific individual.

Congratulations on your recent figure competition victory and gaining your PRO card. A great achievement! Can you tell us a bit about this?

Thank you. It took my 3rd show in 12 months to get my title and earn my PRO card. I never gave up! If you have a dream and a goal I say go get it!

I worked so hard for it and when I came first my emotions were everywhere; thinking of all the hard work and dedication I put into it over the three shows, and the diet which is so hard for me. I am a fussy eater and I have a massive sweet tooth, so having a clean diet was hard… eating every few hours and on minimum carbs was tough!


My job is very active, being a PT,  and has very long hours, but I had to fit my morning cardio, evening weights, and another cardio session in along with being a single mum.

You have to juggle a lot of things and I was very tired, but I knew I would one day get my PRO card and I wouldn’t give up. After my second show I decided to take on a coach, someone whose expertise was beyond mine, so I researched and found Scott Francis. With his training and diet plans I rose to the next level and I couldn’t have done it without him- he really transformed my body.

Also my posing coach Audrey Kaipio did great things for me by creating very talented posing routines. Of course without Paul and Allison Dillet this whole show would not even happen, so I have to thank these wonderful people for putting on the most beautiful and spectacular show.

Is there anybody or anything that is a particular inspiration and motivation for you?

My daughter is my inspiration, she drives me to succeed and pushes me to work harder.

You have run an agency for performers and dancers and I gather you are capable of some pretty spectacular performances yourself, on stilts and with angle grinders! Sounds like something to keep you fit too!

Yes that’s right.

I ran my own agency for eight years, working all over the UK and Europe. I also perform fire acts which are great fun! Dancing keeps me fit and is a much better cardio exercise then running on the treadmill.

You have a young daughter; is she following in her Mum’s footsteps and being super active?

She certainly is, probably even more so!

She has done junior Thai boxing and is currently training in gymnastics and horse riding, and is due to start ice hockey. She loves playing football at school and also wants to try athletes club. She is very very active!

Any interesting facts about Claire that even friends may not know?

No….only secrets that will stay secrets! 😉

Do you have current plans, activities or projects you’d like to share with WatchFit readers?

Firstly I am certainly looking forward to doing more with WatchFit! I’ve got some great ideas for plans and programs for the WatchFit app. Also I plan on producing many ebooks for all my followers.

There is a plan for another boxing fight in March 2016, then  I will compete in Las Vegas in August 2016 with the WBFF as a PRO. All very exciting!

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