Do you dare to dream big or are you realistic about what you can have?

Unfortunately we are brought up in an education system and society that often tells us “you can’t have everything”, “be realistic”. As a result we stop dreaming big, we limit ourselves and don’t achieve our true potential.

I like to dream big

Imagine you could do, be and have everything you wanted. I have one caveat, this has to be in your highest and best and not at the detriment of others.

Steve Jobs says “Passion fuels the rocket, but vision—a big dream— points the rocket to its ultimate destination”. You cannot succeed in creating innovative products, services, or brands without a clear vision of how your company will move society forward

Critical steps to take to dream big and achieve your dreams

Make a Dream / Vision board

Anything you desire externally must first be changed internally. Start by dreaming, see your vision on the inside, how does it look, how does it feel?

Then start making this vision a reality, create a vision board, at pictures, quotes anything that inspires you and connects to your dream, this way you will see it every day and your mind will start to accept that it is possible for you to achieve this dream.

If you feel stuck or blocked in any way, you need to work on these blocks, as without removing these blocks and beliefs it will take you much longer to achieve your dreams.

Ask yourself these questions – What do you really want? And why do you want it?

• Be Bold

• Be Specific

You need to be bold, if you could do, be and have anything – what would it be?

Be as specific as you can – remember specific is terrific!

For example: you don’t want to have a dream or vision about a house with four bedrooms, when you get the house you then realise you would have liked four bedrooms with en-suite bathrooms, so be as specific as you can when you start with your vision.

Make sure you are being true to yourself and not other what other people want or think you should have or do.

Relax and have fun whilst you do this. dream big_2Be consistent and take action

Once you have your big dream, be consistent in thinking about what you want, look at your vision board every day – put it in a place you will look at each day.

Start taking action to make your dreams come true.

For example: if you have a permanent job but want to start your own company you could start the company in your spare time, once this starts to grow, you could negotiate reduced hours with your current job, or get a temporary job so you have those extra hours to keep building up your company.

In every waking moment we are creating our lives; our thoughts, visualizations, intentions, our emotions, feelings and beliefs, our attitudes and our expectations shape our lives

Action, cause and effect

By taking action, the universal laws of Action and Cause and Effect come into play.

The Universal Law of Action states that we must engage in actions that support our thoughts, dreams, emotions and words and the law of Cause and Effect states that.

Every action / thought has a reaction – “we reap what we sow”

Build a support team

Many of those around you might say you are being too ambitious, they might advise you to be realistic or just live a “normal” life, but normal is not the way to go if you want to live your best life.

Find those people who will support your dreams, those who will encourage you and help you in any way they can.

Always remember, you have within you the strength, the patience and the passion to reach for the stars to change the world” – Harriet Tubman

Living normal is easy. Living your best life and living to the fullest may not be easy, but it is a great adventure though!

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