Celebrity personal trainers absolutely know how the human body functions and how to get their A-list celebrity clients to lose weight in often short periods of time. Not only that, but most usually stick with their celebrity client for years, showing that they also offer a diverse training program that keeps their celebrity clients’ metabolism revved up and body fat within a healthy range.

Often, we think that celebrities are born with a naturally sexy and toned physique… but, in reality, that’s not the case. They work hard to sculpt and build the bodies that they have and put in a lot of work to maintain that body. However, hectic schedules of celebrity clients don’t always allow them to train on a consecutive basis with their trainers.

Because of these reasons, lots of “secrets” have become to help these A-list celebrities maintain a sexy physique even while traveling or with a busy schedule. The secret trainer trips below will help educate you on how you may possibly change up your training and nutrition habits to get a celebrity body too! Here are the first five priceless secrets from big-time celebrity trainers:


Harley Pasternak:

This male trainer is phenomenal in the celebrity fitness world and known as providing clients with great results. He has worked with A-lister’s like: Katy Perry, Amanda Seyfried, Megan Fox, Lady Gaga, and Jennifer Hudson. Recognized as a hard trainer who pushes his clients hard; he doesn’t mess around and celebrities like it- because of the fantastic results.

What is his secret?

“Eat five meals a day, plan five-ingredient meals, do 25-minute workouts, and treat yourself to five cheat days a month.”[1]

Valerie Waters:

Talk about a female celebrity trainer that not only is able to sculpt rockin’ bods in record time, but she also has one herself! This woman is ripped and toned, definitely screams that she not only works her celebrity clients hard, but also herself as well. She has worked with many A-listers, including: Jennifer Garner, Jessica Biel, and Cindy Crawford, not to mention the millions of women who have tried her Valslides [portable foam plastic discs].

What is her secret?

“Get in, get out, and get on with your life,” says Valerie. Utilize her 30 minute method which she practices with her clients: fast-and-effective circuit workouts which ignite your metabolism, torch tons of calories, and sculpt lean muscle.[2]

Mandy Ingber:

The woman is definitely another toned and incredibly aspiring female celebrity trainer, who utilizes her signature techniques called: Yogalosophy with her celebrity clients. What is this exactly? Well, Yogalosophy is a type of hybrid workout that pairs the mind-body power of yoga with the muscle-toning benefits of strength moves to get her celebrity clients to achieve great results. One of her well known A-list clients: Jennifer Aniston.

What is Mandy’s secret?

“Utilize a unique training combo of hard-core cycling and super-toning yoga. Why? Mandy says, “These two opposing forces of fitness–constant motion and extreme calorie burning at one end, stillness and strengthening at the other–are the keys to unearthing your best body.”[3]

celebrity personal trainers_02

Bob Harper:

He is famous globally, primarily for his work on television show: The Biggest Loser. Now, though, he has become even popular as he continues to enforce his “tough love” philosophy upon A-list clients like: Selma Blair, Carla Gugino, and Jenny McCarthy.

What is his secret?

Add functional training to your exercise routine, which incorporates the use of vigorous, free-weight-based strength and cardio intervals and dovetails with things that people actually do in real life: run, pull, jump, and climb.[4]

 Tony Horton:

Tony Horton in my opinion is amazing. He is not only a highly sought celebrity trainer, but is also a well-known trainer among common folk looking to lose weight and regain their health and happiness. He is known especially for his 90 day, 12 disks DVD, P90X training program which has helped millions of people globally lose weight. Additionally, A-listers like: Pink, Sheryl Crow, and Demi Moore, have turned to Tony for training assistance.

What is Tony’s secret?

Utilize strength training moves that hammer at least two or three major muscle groups at a time, couple with high-octane cardio installments, to burn fat while warding off tedium and thus create that ultimate physique you’re looking for.[5]

These are 5 awesome celebrity trainer secrets that if you put into effect, will definitely create an impressive physique just like your favorite celebrity! Be sure to check out part 2! 

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