Having been in the fitness industry a long time and having trained most of my life on top of that  I’ve noticed certain things that appear anywhere in the world I’ve trained.

In any training environment there will be certain people who are going through the motions never achieving anything never changing anything the way they would like.

Why is this? What is stopping them? In most cases it’s a number of things money, stress, time management, no clear goal, doing it cause they have to and the list goes on and on.


One thing stands out with my clients as much as I push them as hard as the training gets they always come back for more why is that?

Well it’s no secret when I first meet a new client or just anyone who wants my advice I listen to them and I try to understand the reason behind the reason they give.

For example if someone tells me I want to lose weight then thats great I want to help them achieve that but why do they want to lose the weight in the first place?

Its this lack of listening to people and in most cases yourself that hinder our chances of success and this just doesn’t go for fitness but in every single thing we do in life so how can we be the best version of ourselves if this is what we are doing?

Every person we meet has had personal struggles or problems in their own lives even our idols the very people we look up to the so called successful people, they have had struggles but they succeed whereas other people fail.

I wanna take you way back to the 90s this is where I overcame one of the biggest struggles of my life. I broke my left knee in 2 places, dislocated it and most of the muscles, tendons and ligaments were damaged, it took 5 days for the doctors to find all the damage that was done.

That wasn’t the most horrific part it was almost 1 year later when I went back to hospital and the doctor said you will never walk again if you don’t get your leg moving.

As a young teenager this was too much and I burst into tears but from the next day I woke up with a determination thats never left me since. It had always been there but I relied on my talents more to get me by in training back then.

Thankfully I recovered and although I get pain in my knee time to time I am so thankful for being the abled bodied person I am today.

What has that to do with being the best version of yourself I hear you say?

Being the best version of me at that very moment required me to walk again no matter what.

Getting my mind right to do this was key. Some people would’ve gave up, some would’ve simply gave half the effort, I choose to throw everything I had at the problem and come out on top. I believe this is the key to successfully being the best version of yourself.

What is stopping you becoming the best version of yourself? Have a think, is it personal, professional, fitness orientated or something else that you wanna improve at? Ok figured it out?

Now its time for action, our actions are what determines how we are, its not just our intentions that make us the best version of ourselves.

Get a plan together aim for something, reward yourself if you achieve it, no goal is to big it just has to be broken down to smaller mini goals sometimes. Getting your mindset right and then actioning those thoughts drive us towards being the best version of ourselves.

being the best version of yourself_02

You are your only judge.

Did you put 100% into you’re training today, did you give your partner 100% every time your were with them or did that business meeting go the right way because your input was 100%?

Don’t think you’re a failure because things haven’t went your way, don’t judge yourself on the outcomes or whatever it is you desire, instead judge yourself on what you gave at that very moment.

Thats what matters because when you give your best and you don’t succeed then thats a learning experience, you learn and you get better, the plan changes and develops and so do you.

The people who have the hardest time mentally at being the best version of themselves are the people who don’t work out and if you’re here reading this I’m guessing you’re not one of those people you’re ahead of the game.

Now its time to up the game and its something I realised years ago, the peace of mind I have accomplished has everything to do with fitness.

What I mean by this is if you go to the gym and give everything, you got to the point the stresses on your body is too much to handle to the point where that treadmill or weight you’re lifting makes you feel a little sick inside or that you don’t wanna even get up.

Then this is a big part of the puzzle. Imagine if you can push your limits here on any given day what you can achieve in other parts of your life if you gave that same effort to your pursuit of being the best version of you.

There are so many things wrong in this world just now and this being our one chance at life when others are having theres taken away can you afford to not be the best version of yourself on a daily basis?

I don’t think thats even a choice, our body requires exercise, our minds require stimulus we owe it to ourselves to be the best we can be in everything we do. I have a tattoo on my arm it reads “first place never settle for less be the best version of yourself!”.

I believe each person owes it to themselves to be all they can be. No matter how you’re feeling get your mind and body right, go to the gym, dojo, mma centre wherever it is for your fitness give 100%.

If your able give more than 100% give all you can there and become the potential you have within you to be, believe me your mindset will change your body will change and you will be able to overcome things you never thought were possible.

This is what I believe in and this is why no matter how much money I have, who I have or what I have in my life I will always keep “being the best version

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