Importance of accountability

As a personal trainer myself, I’ve come to realize what a gift accountability really is – no matter what your goal is in life.

In fact, we all need accountability for any goal we look to be achieve. Funny thing is, most look at accountability as being prevalent in weight loss success, however accountability can also be used to break out of financial debt, quit tobacco use, decrease caffeine consumption, or even accomplish reading a book in a set amount of time.


Accountability and weight loss

Yes, accountability doesn’t have to be – and shouldn’t be – associated with weight loss alone.

However, weight loss with accountability is a wonderful thing and does lead to an increased motivation and intrinsic drive, which in turn leads to accomplishing a specific goal or task!

Usually, with accountability comes another human life – someone who is going to consistently give us that accountability that we need to keep pressing forward.

The role of personal trainers

In fitness, personal trainers are usually relied upon by their clients to provide them with the right amount of accountability to achieve success.

In my experience, clients who develop and instill a self-accountability, tend to not only achieve their goal, but also strive for continuing progress by a circular chain of events of goal setting, hard work and success.

However, this unfortunately isn’t how the average client works.

I’ve often found myself having to devote more time to performing accountability measures towards my clients in order to help them reach their goal without being part of the failing drop-out ratio.

being accountable_4The importance of being accountable

This is why accountability makes all of the difference. Being accountable to another person really makes it not only hard to lie, but provides you with a guilt for letting someone down who you know is waiting for you or truly rooting for you and your goal.

Personal trainers care about their clients and want each and every one of their clients to reach success and continue to maintain the success that they worked so hard for.

Until habits are made, accountability is the go-to key.

It’s the secret ingredient to achieving success, especially when it comes to fitness goals, which take a lot of hard work, commitment, and dedication.

Did you know that the #1 reason why most people quit is because there are no real consequences for the inactions – for their lack of accountability – which testifies how important being accountable truly is: either to yourself, to others or to both!

So, do yourself a favor and establish clear goal(s) for yourself prior to your undertaking. If you accomplish said action steps, then reward yourself accordingly.

However, if you fail to reach your said action steps, then consequences must be established as well.

Don’t just plan to “quit” because you didn’t reach your goal.

Instead, reassess your current situation and figure out next steps and the exact accountability that you need in order to see success.

Remember, nothing easy is worth achieving and once you reach your goal, the taste will only be sweeter because after all, you are worth your efforts – you deserve it!

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