So there you are, you have goals, you have ideas, but something keeps you stuck and you have no idea what it might be.

Well let me explain.

You have a conscious and a sub conscious mind.

The conscious mind does things automatically but the sub conscious does what it’s told.  It believes things whether they’re true or not.  It holds information that has been passed down for generations, thoughts that probably do not apply to you anymore.

What happens is that you have a thought, a negative thought about something, which then turns into an emotion.  That emotion will then cause doubt, which then becomes worry.  And that’s when you procrastinate and if the worry turns into fear you end up doing nothing.  You’re totally stuck in your comfort zone and sometimes if the fear takes hold you end up going backwards.

There is a switch in your mind which I’ll call your thermostat.  Basically it works like the heating thermostat you have in your house.  If say you turn the thermostat to 72 degrees, the heating will come on and once it reaches that temperature in the room, the thermostat kicks in and keeps the temperature level.  If however someone walks into the room and opens a window, the temperature in the room will get cold and the thermostat will come on to bring the temperature back up to 72 degrees.  It works the other way too.  If the temperature is set at 72 degrees and someone opens the window and its hot outside, the thermostat will then kick in to bring the temperature down to 72 degrees.

It’s exactly the same way with the thermostat in your sub conscious.   Your thermostat is set with your current thoughts, beliefs, past ideas, old values, experiences, in fact everything that has ever happened to you is there.  So if you try to move away from where you currently are, it’s your thermostat’s job to keep you there.   That’s why you might want something really bad, set many goals but never achieve them.

When you have a goal, you set out with the best intentions in the world but what happens is that as you go along your thermostat starts kicking in and the further you get from your comfort zone the worse you start feeling.

Your thermostat is set in your comfort zone and you start on your path and go a little way and feel maybe a little uncomfortable.  Then you go a little further and maybe people around you start ‘staying things’, like why are you bothering, what’s the use, why are doing that, any suggestions that you shouldn’t be doing what you’re doing and your mind hears it.  Your thermostat hears it and thinks oh goody.  So it makes you feel even more uncomfortable.

beat procastination2

So there you are, stuck halfway between your comfort zone and your goal.  You feel dreadful.  Negative thoughts appear, and you start to give credence to them.  Worry is causing you sleepless nights. 

The thermostat in your brain is working overtime to make you uncomfortable.  Your thoughts turn to doubts about what you’re trying to do.  These doubts of course become emotions so you’re feeling really bad now. Trouble is if you keep feeling those emotions, allowing yourself to feel those emotions then likely as not you will end up further stuck than when you already started. You’re tired, your brain is exhausted.

You’ve been trying so hard. In fact you’ve been struggling. Yet again you’ve given up on your dream because it’s too painful.  All that hard work, for what?. What’s the point you think.  And then you give up and the thermostat has won. You’re back in the comfort zone. So to get out of that and move forward and reach your goal what do you need to do? Firstly change those thoughts. Be aware that the comfort zone is called that for a reason. Remember though that anything worth having is worth working toward. Once you push through that barrier and reach the goal it’ll be so sweet and that’s what you must focus on. Keep focusing on the goal, not the discomfort. It’s only temporary.The best way to do that is just keep moving forward.

Procrastination is a killer and the only way to beat it is to keep taking action.  Instead of listening to the doom and gloom start asking yourself questions you’d never asked before. Questions like “what if this time I could accomplish this”? What if this time I could succeed? What if I could actually do this? Look at the positives rather than the negatives. Be aware that there will always be naysayers, people who will pull you down for their own reasons (some of which might be altruistic, and they mean well bless them) Ignore them. Keep on your path.  Take massive action.  Because any action is better than standing still. Make a plan of action. Start each day by saying the following.  “I love and approve of myself.  I accept myself.  Today is going to be a great day Because I choose to make it that way”.

When you worry you go over your negative thoughts over and over and over again. There are no limits to how many times you go over the same stuff.  And each time you do you’re making the situation worse.  Worry has nothing going for it.    All it does it stop you from taking action.When you start each day with positive thoughts however the situation takes a turn for the better.

You cannot think of two things simultaneously which means you cannot think a negative and a positive thought at the same time.  So by saying positive things to yourself each day you are shutting off the negative ones, over riding the thermostat and by doing that you will automatically be able to take action.Of course action is the polar opposite of procrastination.  By taking action toward your goal you will start to feel better within yourself.

Do not give any credence to the negative, push it away and keep moving forward toward your goal.  With each step you take you will feel better and better.  And sometimes it will be hard, there will be setbacks because of course nobody ever said life is perfect.  And sometimes you will feel like giving up.  Don’t.  The opposite of life is death!  That’s not being dramatic.  It just is.

If you give up on your dream because it was too uncomfortable, because it was too hard and scary and go back to your comfort zone, your life will not change.  Life will not get better.You have to make the choice.  It’s entirely up to you.  Life or death.  Comfort Zone or Goal.Nobody can make that choice for you.  Make the decision, take action, achieve your goals and become your true potential.This is truly the only way to beat procrastination and start living your life, the life you fully deserve.

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