You may be thinking to yourself: This is counter-intuitive. A weight loss coach with six (soon to be seven) personal training certifications is writing a piece on how I can be my own personal trainer? What good can possibly come to him out of that?

Well, a lot, actually…

We live in a society that preaches inaction and complacency. We’re so sedentary that we don’t even need to go to the store anymore to get our groceries, or go to a restaurant to pick up our dinners.


Instead, we can just click our mouse or tap our phone’s screen a few times, and our groceries or take out are on the way. Heck, with some restaurants, you can simply tweet a few emojis to them and your order has been placed!

Here in the USA Physical Education classes are being removed from schools due to budgeting concerns.

According to the powers-that-be, teaching children about proper exercise and staying active isn’t as high on the docket as other subjects. And sadly, unless these children play sports, they have absolutely no idea how to exercise.

I’m going to lay down some truth right now: It is NOT hard to be your own personal trainer. I’ll say that again in case you think you misread: It is NOT hard to be your own personal trainer!

In this article I’m going to give you five simple strategies you can begin implementing right now to save you some money and to keep you moving.

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1) Do What You Like.

To be your own personal trainer, you have to find a way to keep yourself engaged consistently. This isn’t going to happen if you’re forcing workouts down your own throat that you can’t stand.

Not a fan of running? Then don’t perform a workout that’s heavy on the running. Enjoy kickboxing? Find a gym that has a few different bags, and maybe do some circuits differentiating between different kicks and different strikes.

Not sure what you like? Then I suggest trying different things out! Yoga studio in your area? Excellent! Sign up for a class and see what you think. CrossFit Box down the street? Most offer free introductory sessions, so see what you think. You never know what you like until you try.

2) Change Things Up.

The SAID Principle states that the body adapts to the demands being placed upon it. If you do the same routine day-in, day-out, week-in, week-out, then according to this principle, within 3-4 weeks your body will adapt. As a result the same changes you were seeing over that period will cease.

I always try to have a good mix of different activities to engage in throughout the week. These include, but are not limited to: softball, weight lifting, running, MMA and yoga. Piggyback off of Step 1, and do something that you like but that’s different every day. This way you’ll rarely, if ever, hit a plateau.

3) Have an Accountability Partner.

This is different to having a trainer, but it’ll keep you on track in much the same way. One of the reasons that coaches like me stay in business is because folks have come to the conclusion that they have nobody in their lives that will keep them on track. That means going to the gym when they don’t feel it, or staying away from that piece of cake even though you want it.

Your Accountability Partner can be a friend, family member, significant other or even your kids! Having to check in with somebody on a daily basis will insure you get your workout in, you’re staying on track with your nutrition, etc. without the lame excuse-making so many people do on their own.

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4) Maintain Proper Form.

I know – easier said than done when you’re working out on your own without any supervision. Most people hire a trainer to insure that they’re going through the exercises in their workouts correctly, so how can you insure that you do this on your own?

If you’re proficient in knowing proper form, do NOT deviate from it. While I’m a huge proponent of high intensity workouts like Tabata, HIIT or even CrossFit, a mistake far too many people make during these workouts is that they sacrifice their form in exchange for getting more reps in, or getting a better time.

BAD IDEA! There’s a reason these workouts are high-risk, high-reward, particularly when you perform them on your own. While they can help boost your metabolism and burn fat like crazy in comparison to longer, more tedious workouts, it’s not worth that extra rep if you’re going to tear a labrum.

Not sure about proper form on an exercise? YouTube it! There are millions of exercise videos online, a great number free to view here at WatchFit. These are always worth chcking against when it comes to form and technique.

To insure you’re getting the best quality of information, you can visit my exercise library on my YouTube channel here:

5) Listen to Your Body.

Whether you exercise every single day or you’ve barely gotten off the couch in 10 years, your body will often tell you what needs to be done.

Feeling like your arms are too stringy? Do some bicep curls! Feeling bloated and fat? Perform a high intensity workout, like HIIT or Tabata. Need to clear your head? Go for a walk, a jog or a run.

Additionally, if you’re sore in a particular area of your body, it’s probably best to avoid focusing on it. Legs are sore? Maybe do an upper body workout instead and give the legs a rest.

You may be thinking to yourself, ‘All of this sounds simple,’ and there’s a reason for that: IT IS! While there’s a lot of knowledge and professionalism that goes into being a personal trainer, our job is surprisingly simple.

Ultimately, YOU are your prime motivator, YOU know what your body needs more than we do, and YOU are the key to reaching your goals.

Ready to be your own trainer? There’s only one way to find out!

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