In today’s world the online market place is saturated with many business owners that are so alike. You have to step up your game each day and prepare to WOW your audience and find new avenues to attract your ideal clients.

You must be unique and draw attention to yourself in order to be noticed, known and likeable. Being popular is unfortunately the way that most business owners nowadays are making themselves the go to expert for a specified passion and area that others need solutions for.

Below are three ways that make you approachable as an entrepreneur and why you must incorporate all three to attract, maintain and ensure you build your audience and have clients wanting to work with you. Not only that, they will  recommend you to others.


1. Treat Your Current and Future Clients Like Gold

Have you ever been to the doctor when you were not feeling well or for your annual physical and they made you feel a million times better just because of their personality, attitude and nice responses towards you – and treated you like you were a person and not a number?

How did this make you feel? I am sure you left in a much better mood, received a good vibe from the doc and told others about your experience and probably recommended them to someone else because of your amazing encounter.

When a doc has a great bedside manner that makes the visit that much more enhanced and pleasant under less than sub par conditions. More often than not when we visit the doc, the last thing we want is to be treated horribly .

Treat your clients how you want to be treated and they will be lifers. Magnify their greatness and tell them that you believe in them and make sure to most definitely add value as much as possible. We always remember the people who made us feel the most important.

Honor their own uniqueness and solve their problems. Be a fair owner, coach, doc, teacher, and assist them on their path to finding themselves and seeking the help they absolutely need.

approachable entrepreneur_22. It Is Imperative To Hire Excellent Team Members

Your team members make or break the client experience in every way from customer service, answering questions, attitudes and the follow up. Train your employees in all areas properly to ensure that each client has the best experience possible through each of your team members.

One rotten egg can spoil the whole carton and you definitely don’t want that for your patients/clients. I also recommend asking your clients how their conversations and situations were with the people they were being served by to make sure they were handled with kid gloves.

It is the worst feeling to be treated less than what you deserve, especially since your clients/patients pay a lot of money for the services you provide.

Clients have expectations too, so keep that in mind the next time a new team member comes on board and teach them how to properly interact with the people you serve.

There are so many online tutorials that will help with their learning experiences. Be sure to use as many avenues of educational resources so they can be the best of the best in order to provide the best of the best to each person they meet and engage conversations with.

3. Utilize As Many Marketing, Advertising and Sales Avenues As You Can

How will you be known in your industry or on social media platforms if you don’t take advantage of all of the free tools to make yourself a celebrity in your given area of expertise? The simple answer, you cannot. You must use every resource at your disposal to get people’s attention and do it quickly.

If you use Facebook, get 5000 friends as fast as possible so that each person after that number becomes a follower. Use marketing posters and displays in your office building.

Build a professional but inviting webpage and invite people to view it and leave you feedback on your platforms so others will also want to use your services and book appointments with you.

Word-of-mouth is free, easy and a great way to get people to want to pay you for helping them get the results they seek. Put testimonials on your sites and be personable and real, raw and tell about relevant stories happening in your life currently so people can relate to you.

If you have a company that takes insurance, make sure all of the information is filed promptly and kept up with after each client’s visit so they can receive quick replies as to the portion they owe for the service you provided them.

No one likes to wait for something they have already invested in prior to time of service. Smile and make everyone you meet feel welcome.

As you can see how imperative it is to treat your clients the way you want to be treated so they keep coming back and will be repeat customers.

Also, make it a top priority to have all employees on the same path of greatness as yourself and have high standards for patient care, colleagues and the future people you will serve. And don’t forget to use all social media platforms to your advantage so you can be the go to expert everyone wants in their life!

You will find the combination of all three will create a winning journey for you! Be well and live a life of vibrancy. I believe in you.

Always be authentically you! Join my blog The Power Of You on Facebook to help others on their journey. We all need encouragement along the way.

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