Stuck for ideas? Not sure what to give your boyfriend, partner, husband, dad, cousin, brother, best friend, this Christmas?

Well here are 10 Christmas present tips for the man (or men) in your life:



1. Gym membership

– Help him kickstart his New Year’s health and fitness resolutions by giving him a month/three month/year gym membership. No more excuses.

beautiful gym



2. Armband case cover

– Does he love running, but love music even more? An armband case cover means he can take his music with him, no matter what the mileage or what the weather.

Armband case cover gift ideas for men

3. Fitness trip

– Sometimes you need a change from the norm to add variety to your workout. A trip to a fitness resort or bootcamp is the perfect way to add spice to his fitness life.

gift ideas for men

4. Workout equipment

– from exercise bands to kettle bells, from heart rate monitors to dumb bells, there is a plethora of equipment out there to suit everyone.

christmas gift ideas for men

5. I-tunes gift card

– why not give him the choice? With an i-Tunes gift voucher, he can buy music or visit the app store and see what greats health and fitness apps are on the market right now. 10 Christmas present tips for the men

6. Sports wear

– you can never go wrong with some sports wear. Funky fitness clothing, warm winter woolies for outdoor exercise, high tech visibility clothing to keep him safe on the roads. There is something for everyone.

good looking guy, christmas gift ideas for men

7. Personal trainer session

– this could be the boost to his fitness programme he needs. Expert advice, new training techniques, fitness assessments, help towards achieving his goals – what’s not to like. personal Training gift ideas for men

8. A new phone/MP3 player/i-Pod

– how about a device that allows him to listen as he workout. Whether running or at the gym, with favourite tunes basting through the earpiece, he can’t fail to be motivated.

christmas gift ideas for men

9. Heart rate monitor

– what is the use of all that training if it is not at the right intensity? With a heart rate monitor, he can check that he is working within his optimal zone, resting when he needs to and pushing his fitness to new limits.

heart rate monitor

10. Lingerie…for you!

– and here is a cheeky little suggestion. Now you have got fit and toned through the Watchfit app, how about buying yourself some lingerie, as a treat for him and for you?

christmas ideas for men

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