Muscles just love to be massaged, they also need to be massaged, and a Modular Massage System uses different sized nodules to allow every muscle, no matter its size, to be self treated.


So why massage?

Below are 10 good reasons why you should massage your muscles regularly.

1. It is a natural painkiller. Massage reduces pain in so many ways. Neuroscientists have shown that massage activates the part of the brain activated by opiate painkillers such as codeine.

Equally Acupuncture, Trigger Point, Acupressure and Shiatsu studies have shown that by activating certain points and knots with a firm massage pressure, pain is reduced. Furthermore pain felt in one area can actually be emanating from tightness and knots in another so it is good to be able to explore several areas simultaneously with massage.

Body maps exist that help you focus on the possible causes of this referred pain.


2.   It improves flexibility
Healthy muscles are relatively elastic. However as muscles age, or become victims of a repetitive movement, they tighten and harden. Massage flushes the taut fibres with new oxygenated blood and nutrients. Bringing the muscle back to life in the process.



3.  Reduces stress. When we are stressed our muscles tense up and can get painful. Studies  have shown that massage before surgery resulted in patients having lower heart rates, lower blood pressure and decreased levels of the stress hormone cortisol.

4. Reduce DOM’s (Delayed onset of muscle Soreness)
Studies continue to show a correlation between the severity of muscle soreness after a new workout, or hard training session, and massage. Those who have access to a great massage post exertion tend to have less soreness and recover more quickly. Lucky athletes of course have this facility on tap where as us mere mortals have to recreate it. A modular massage can be carried out in front of the TV whilst you relax.

Delayed Onset of muscle Soreness

5. Boosts your immunity
Studies have shown recipients having increased levels of blood proteins after a massage. Blood proteins play a significant part in staving off tumours, viral infections and various other pathogens.

6. Helps warm up the body before exercise
One of the most common ways to get an injury is by straining a cool muscle. Furthermore warm muscles perform much better if it is a personal best you are after. So an all round massage pre that big run, football, tennis or rugby match can put you ahead of the game in more ways than one.


Delayed Onset of muscle Soreness


7. Help with insomnia
If you have trouble getting to sleep a face and body massage can work wonders by reducing your blood pressure and slowing down your breathing. Interestingly a study to compare the difference between a foot and facial massage on insomnia had the fascial massage coming out tops.



8. Great in the office
If you spend hours at the computer, like many of us these days, you run the risk of going home with sore hands, wrists, neck and lower back. An all round modular massage at regular intervals throughout the day can work wonders here and have you leaving the office in one piece – for a change!


9. Helps improve circulation and gets rid of cellulite
Massaging the body helps move new oxygenated blood to your muscles whilst pumping away blood containing waste products and toxins.

Regularly massaging the knots and Trigger Points out of the glutes allows the muscle to tone. Toned muscle contain less cellulite so will look good on two levels.



10. Helps reduce headaches

Studies have continually shown the link between headaches and tight muscles especially in the neck, shoulders and upper back. By relieving tight muscles using regular massage, headaches reduce and over time and can even be prevented by maintaining a regular massage routine.

WellbriX is a modular massage system that goes way beyond rollers and balls to heal, prevent injury or just make you feel great. The Brix link together magnetically allowing you to reach any muscle in the body quickly and effectively. WellbriX are portable, versatile and effective.



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