It’s that time of the year when everywhere you look, magazine covers, social media everyone seem to be talking about weight loss and getting beach body ready.

While I think a healthy weight is a great goal, it should not be your sole focus, a mindset for a healthy lifestyle should be.

Sometimes it really is just a number

When you focus on health, the best thing is if you need to lose weight it will automatically follow as a healthy body does not need to hold on to excess weight.

The number on the scale is not a reliable indicator of overall health.

Most people who diet and exercise just to lose weight quit earlier than those people who are working towards optimal health, this is because they may not see results as quickly as they would like.

Those merely looking to lose weight may hit a plateau or may just get bored with what they are doing and even worse they work really hard to reach a target for example lose weight for a wedding, holiday specific event and once that event has passed they do back to the same old ways so the weight loss is not long term.

Don’t look for a quick fix

When working with my clients I find the best motivation for my them is feeling better about themselves and having better health and once they see results this keep them on track and becomes a lifestyle for them rather than a “quick fix” in the short term.

These have nothing to do with weight and everything to with a having a healthier lifestyle for a better you.

That being said, here are some reasons to start a healthy life rather than looking to lose weight.

Top 10 reasons to start living a healthier life:

1. Reduce stress and anxiety and make yourself happier: when you eat real whole foods it helps you feel calmer, happier and more energetic.

2. Reduce symptoms of PMS: Fibre in vegetables and fruit beats the bloat, magnesium in leafy greens help to reduce cramps, improve sleep and fights fatigue and iron in organic red meat helps with fatigue

3. Healthy living makes you smarter: a diet rich in healthy fats, protein, and antioxidants from produce increases cognition and prevents memory loss later in life too.

4. Strengthens your heart: we all know by now that a healthy lifestyle means a happy heart.

mindset for a healthy lifestyle_25. Increase your energy: Skipping the sugary drinks and snacks and heading for a green smoothie with added greens and protein powder gives you a quick energy boost that lasts longer and increases performance.

6. Add years to your life and life to your years: the food you eat can affect your DNA, it can turn your genes on or off so it not only helps you but your future generations.

7. Improve your self-esteem: Taking care of your health will give you confidence and help in all aspects of your life

8. Improve sleep quality and quantity: great nutrition can improve your sleep and eating foods rich in magnesium, dark leafy greens and dark chocolate can help you relax and fall asleep quicker and help prevent you waking up in the middle of the night

9. Look younger: eat your way to a better complexion and younger looking skin. Sugary foods, dairy, and processed grains cause inflammation and dehydrate and age our cells and have all been linked to outbreaks of acne.

10. Boost your metabolism: Good carbohydrates boost your endurance, protein builds and maintains muscle, and vitamins and minerals keep everything working together as it should.

Give it a try if you are looking for a better figure, I encourage you to work on a healthier lifestyle for a better you and the bonus will be you will have a better figure.

The choice is yours

If you need help with strategies to have healthier lifestyle, increase your energy and feel better then connect with me by clicking here and find out how I can help create a bespoke plan for you, and get you started on a healthier way of life.

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