The phrases “you are what you eat” and “where focus goes energy flows” are indeed correct.

There is a direct relationship between the foods you eat and the health of your body. There is also a direct relationship between your lifestyle and your health as it pertains to our mental state.

We’re all aware of the risks by now

When it comes to the foods that we consume, most people are aware that continuously eating processed foods and fast foods will lead to obesity.

Not only will it lead to obesity but there will be other effects in the body taking place in the form of chronic disease and illnesses such as arthritis, diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, heart disease, etc.

If eating patterns do not change then more serious illnesses such as cancer can occur.

Eating and emotional health

The relationship between your lifestyle and your health may not always involve food.

Some people may consume 6 cups of coffee per day or smoke cigarettes. Other people may need to have a strong drink of alcohol such as scotch, whiskey or rum on a daily basis to relieve the stress of work.

Children that are sedentary and like to sit around playing video games or watch television are also putting themselves at risk for future conditions. It is not surprising to see that children are also suffering from adult related conditions such as type-2 diabetes, obesity and high cholesterol.

Our mental state also affects our lifestyle and health and there is a relationship between the two.

For instance, if a person is constantly under stress he/she may react by overeating, yelling and screaming, becoming depressed, obtaining lack of sleep, getting sick often or suffering body aches and pains.

you are what you eat_2A healthy lifestyle eliminates unhealthy practices

With all that being said, is there a positive relationship between your lifestyle and your health?

The answer is yes and it all depends on you. Therefore, you can choose to adopt a healthier lifestyle by choosing to eat nutritious, unprocessed food and exercising on a daily basis.

You can also choose to have a tool in place for relieving stress such as yoga, meditation, listening to relaxing music, having a positive outlook on life and keeping a great support network of friends and family.

Living a healthy lifestyle can replace the need for unhealthy pleasure seeking alternatives and addictions such as alcohol, smoking, being sedentary, watching television or worrying about life and the future.

Rest assured that the best way to live life is to live is in the present moment.

The past has already taken place and we cannot change it nor should we dwell upon our mistakes. We can learn from the past.

The future you

The future has not yet occurred and the tendency of many people is to project the past on to the future and worry about things that haven’t even happened.

The earlier quote, “where focus goes, energy flows,” is a statement made by Tony Robbins and it is true.

Therefore focus on a positive outcome of how you would like to see your future, do all that you can to make it happen through proper lifestyle choices and watch things unfold.

Dont forget you are what you eat.

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