You’re angry. Or busy. Exhausted. Or fired up. Getting ready to go out. Or packing it in for the night. There are a thousand reasons why now is not a good time to meditate.  And each reason, is an excuse – though, not a very good one.

Meditation is one of the best things you can do, in any given moment, whether you want to or not.

Some physical benefits include: reducing anxiety, lowering blood pressure, releasing tension in the body, decreasing depression, and improving the immune system. Mentally, a regular meditation practice can help develop intuition, increase happiness and creativity, make problems seem smaller, generate helpfulness and increase appreciation for life.


If that’s not enough, here are three reasons to meditate when it’s the last thing you want to do:

why to meditate_2

1)  Meditation increases presence.

If you’re happy and you want to swim in that happiness, meditate.  If you’re angry, and you need a moment to gather your thoughts before you blow your top, meditate.  No matter what state you’re in, meditation can make it better.  Take a time out.  Center yourself.  Sit down for five minutes, close your eyes if you like (or leave them wide open), and follow your breath.

2)  Meditation adds more hours to your day.

So why to meditate? A regular meditation practice helps you to focus, increases your attention span and sharpens your mind.  Do less, and accomplish more.  In addition, meditating can help you have a good nights sleep.  These benefits combined, pretty much make you superhuman, so your “I’m too busy” excuse, just flew out the window.  Meditate. Now.

3)  Meditation is too easy not to do.

There’s no special equipment to buy, and you don’t have to spend hours on end.  Meditation is something you can do any time, any where, for any length of time.  There’s no excuse not to.  You can listen to a guided meditation ,  join a group , follow a podcast , or get an app Seriously, its too easy not to do, and the benefits are too great.

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