What kind of person are you?

Adventurer: Hiking, skiing, open-water swimming

If you think you fall into this category then it is likely you prefer activities with an element of surprise to them!


Of course proper Adventurers assess the risks and take all the necessary precautions, but in truth they are happiest when they are dealing with the unforeseen and tackling the trickiest of situations, whilst maintaining a clear head and coming out the other side intact!

Essential kit – a Swiss Army knife

Adrenaline freak: Bungee jumping, motor sports, surfing, base jumping

Unlike the Adventurers, who might only encounter danger from time to time, this group faces it down constantly in their activities of choice. Every time they participate in something they are pitting their skills against the elements.

Whether it is speed, height or depth, the adrenaline freak always wants to go to a level that is further than they have ever been before.

Essential kit – a cool piece of headgear and nerves of steel!

Sporty (team): Rugby, Football, Netball, volleyball

Anyone who plays a team sport knows there are two sets of rules: the rules of the game; and the unwritten rules of the tribal team.

This is why team members might all have similar haircuts, they will all wear similar fashions and they will all have ‘in-jokes’ that only they understand whilst sporting nicknames that might only make sense to teammates!

Essential kit – a great kitbag

Sporty (individual): Tennis, athletics, cyclists, golf, boxing

These are the people who are good at sport but like to rely on others and are happy to stand or fall by their own efforts. These can be amongst the most driven and competitive sportspeople on the planet.

They know that they have only themselves to blame if they lose and are best avoided if things don’t go well for them. Immensely dedicated and focussed individuals. Prone to intense training and drilling and therefore injuries are a familiar hazard.

Essential kit – a knee brace or a wrist support

Explorers:  Orienteering, ultra-events, mountaineering

These are the non-competitive in the traditional sense, but very active people. Competition is with themselves. Always striving to attain some kind of  Personal Best or new experience.

They like to visit new places and see new sites, but rather than joining a touring group on a coach, they do this as an activity. They are very  outdoorsy people by definition and necessity. Very practically minded.

Essential kit – a map and compass with a waterproof and transparent case

Gym freak: Gym sessions, weight-training, circuit-training

This group comprises people who like measurements of all kinds. They like to count how many reps they do at each station; they like to know the weight they are lifting; the calories they burn and the hours they are spending in the gym.

This group is the most image conscious – their looks are critical too them, sometimes more so than their actual gym honed physical abilities.

Fashion pays a part so the right training kits and gadgetry such as heart rate monitor play a big part too.

Essential kit – Whatever looks good and is in vogue!

Class collectors: Dance, Zumba, Bodycombat, FitSteps, exercise classes

This group can be divided into two: those who will happily stand at the front of the class and admire their efforts in the surrounding mirrors and those who shy away near the back.

Generally, the people at the front have been going to the class for some time and are very confident in both their ability and their shape and full of zest.

Those at the back might still be finding their way, are naturally shy or have little sense of rhythm or coordination!

Essential kit – a hairbrush

what exercise is best for me_2

Fickle fitness fiend: whatever is the new craze

It is no secret that the fitness world is a haven for fads and trends.

This group will do whatever is the latest activity. They love to participate but they get bored easily and are always looking for the next challenge.

A member of this group will be learning to play squash one week, rushing to a Pilates session the next and starting to train for a triathlon just weeks later.

These people are usually very fit, but never stay with one activity long enough to become really good at it.

Essential kit – a fitness magazine

Fighter: wrestling, boxercise, judo, BJJ

Hardcore, great muscles and a good level of fitness are three characteristics of this group.

They will usually have been involved in martial arts of some sort, and they often took up the activity because they might have been a small kid compared to friends or experienced some form of bullying.

Now they have grown up, developed muscles and learnt how to fight! Usually highly fighters are very quietly confident in their abilities and therefore modest, mild-mannered and calm.

Essential kit – a belt – for bragging rights

Flexible friend: yoga, Pilates

For many members of this group, it is not an activity, it is a lifestyle.

Yoga aficionados in particular, will have changed their lifestyle as they immerse themselves in yoga. Possibly vegetarian, possibly vegan, they are as conscious of the inner self as the outer appearance.

Pilates is a slightly more uptempo form of activity and is taken up by injured sports people (team and individual) who want to regain their flexibility after years of poor stretching technique.

Its origin is actually rehabilitation of dancers. Both yoga and Pilates is a lot more energetic than non-doers would believe and has great benefits.

Essential kit – a rolled-up mat

Braveheart: taking up a new exercise

Anyone can be brave in sport. Whether it is pushing yourself to the furthest limits of endurance, learning new skills, entering a competition or joining a new club; taking a step into the unknown is always a brave move. Starting a new activity after a long break is one of the biggest hurdles that people face.

Once you have made that first step, you will wonder why you did not do it sooner.

Essential kit – a smile as you meet new people

Dedicated ‘doers’: long distance runners, triathletes, sportive cyclists

The hours that it takes to train for a long-distance event of any sort is the challenge that this group faces. It means leaving the house before work to get a run in, or running at weekends when you would rather be doing something else.

Is it worth it? If you avoid the blisters, over-use injuries and the feeling of being a social outcast, then yes, as you cross the finish line, the feeling of euphoria is definitely worth it.

Essential kit – blister patches

Unstoppable beings: any sporting activity. This group are the martyrs to the cause. Streaming with cold, clutching a hamstring, rushing between the gym and picking the kids up – whatever the challenge or setback, they will still do their activity.

The physiotherapist might have said ‘rest that leg for a week’, but they will have heard: ‘Go and run the injury off’, the burning throat might make you feel like you are swallowing razor blades, but you will still make your exercise class.

Determined in the extreme, members of this group would crawl over the finish line rather than give up.

Essential kit – vitamins to stave off illness

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