When you hit the wall in the afternoon and you can’t stop yawning, do you reach for an energy drink?

If you’ve got a long drive ahead of you, do you stop for coffee, multiple times?

When your mood dips and you just want to lie down, do you head to the vending machine for some chocolate? (Guilty!)


If any of these sound like you, you might want to reconsider your choice and experiment with something more natural.

Peppermint Oil Uses: How To Boost Energy & Mood

Essential oils can be used to help in the treatment and prevention of a variety of conditions. Research has shown that essential oils contain properties that relieve pain and inflammation, repel predators, boost the immune system and even enhance mood.  They are all natural and have thrived in nature for millions of years because they contain properties that are crucial to the plant’s survival from viruses and bacterias.

In addition to their intrinsic benefits to plants and being beautifully fragrant to people, essential oils have been used throughout history for their medicinal and therapeutic benefits. Modern scientific study and trends towards more holistic approaches to wellness are driving a revival and rediscovery of essential oil health applications.

peppermint aromatherapy_2

You can use many oils the next time your energy is flagging or you’d like to shift your mood, but one of my favorites is Peppermint. Peppermint essential oil is steam distilled from the leaves of a peppermint plant and is used to freshen breath, soothe nausea, cool the body after a day at the beach or overworked muscles after some time at the gym, lessen the symptoms of a headache, and can provide relief from respiratory problems (peppermint is often an ingredient in natural chest rubs).

Due to it’s refreshing nature, peppermint is also a great stress reliever and can reduce the symptoms of depression and exhaustion.  If you need a shift in mood, diffuse peppermint oil in your office or home.  Diffuse peppermint with lavender for a relaxing aroma, or peppermint with wild orange or grapefruit to energize your day.

My all time favourite use of peppermint essential oil is as an energy booster.  In recent studies peppermint has been found to stimulate mental activity.

Each morning before a run, every afternoon when I hit that slump and especially when I’ve got a long drive ahead of me, I put a little peppermint oil on the back of my neck.  It clears my mind, perks me up and helps me to focus.

Be mindful though; peppermint is one of the strongest essential oils and definitely has a sensation to it.  Diffusing is always a great idea, and before you use it topically test a small amount on your skin or better yet, blend it with a carrier oil.

Do you have a favourite oil?  I’d love to know.  Please share in the comments below.

Happy Oiling!!

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