In Part 1 Kelly introduced us to the importance looking after No.1 and how this can actually make us a better friend, colleague, partner and parent. In this concluding part she introduces us to the power of No!

In this crazy busy world – I have found it very beneficial to say NO

I know it is difficult to use the word no when you are not used to telling others you don’t have time to help them, support their cause, drive their kids home, make a meal for church or rake your neighbors leaves – but you have to if you want to stay sane.


You can’t be everything to everyone and some people do expect us to always be there. When we don’t say no – everyone knows they can ask us constantly because we never refuse. Learn to stand up for yourself and make time for you and your family. It isn’t that you don’t care for others or that you don’t want to help, but if you are the only one they think they can rely on then they won’t ask anyone else for help.

I encourage you to condition yourself to simplify your time and this simple word can really make a world of difference. When the ones who always use you or tend to burn you out – they will have to learn that you are no longer their door mat and you cannot be walked all over all the time.

Stay true to you and know that your life is going to change one smart decision at a time

People will respect you more for standing up for yourself and maximizing your time in a smart way. You will soon notice that others will want to actually help you and see what they can do to make your life easier. This is a huge gift to yourself and will eventually be to those you stand up to in order to love yourself unconditionally. Unconditional Love for yourself_4Giving yourself the gift of time is a must in learning to love yourself unconditionally. When your time is managed well then so is everyone else’s that you directly are involved with and it become an effect process that is much easier on everyone involved. You must simplify your schedule and balance work/life activities.

When our schedules are hectic we can barely function and do so in an effective manner. When we are constantly on the go and don’t learn to simplify, time has a funny way of showing up and doing it for us. People end up leaving our lives that we no longer have time for and we cannot overwhelm our kids or their behaviors end up showing up in a negative way so you will be forced to eliminate unnecessary activities.

Part of loving yourself and others unconditionally is conditioning yourself to simplify, simplify, simplify! Your best gift is your presence and spending quality time with the ones you love, but you barely get the chance to do that when you are always in a hurry or just going through the motions.

These three simple tips will help you and others to love yourselves unconditionally and the results will be powerful. You will surprise yourself when you finally step into your power and take massive action for powerful results.

I believe in you and want the best for your life and the loved ones that benefit from your presence. The good thing is you can start today to make a difference and love yourself with some easy decisions.

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