It’s the same every time. In the midst of a busy life the first person we begin to neglect is ourselves.

First it seems as though its a later bedtime to complete all of our chores, finishing school work and even neglecting our love for our significant others. Then it seems like eating food on the go, not cutting our hair as often (neglecting our outer appearances) and then our lives just spiral downwards from there and we have no choice but to change and put ourselves first to get back on track.


Learning to put ourselves first is a must and we have to learn how to be disciplined at it

I encourage you to exercise self care, create a simplified schedule and definitely learn to say no (it’s a complete sentence). These are all super easy solutions for you to utilize and implement immediately. When you become disciplined in what you want to accomplish in your life – you will begin to see the results you want.

Your compliance to the protocols you set forth for yourself always equal your results (positive and negative).

Taking care of yourself is not an option, it is a must and if you don’t take care of you – no one else is going to do it for you.

You are your number one priority and should be looking out for yourself all the time. You can’t give to others what you don’t have within. The gift you give to yourself (unconditional love) is ultimately a gift to others.

I want you to think about the times in your life when you were functioning at your best and loved yourself most… how did you feel? I am sure you were happy and healthy and those are the vibes you were also emitting. When others perceive you as such then the law of attraction begins to occur in very positive ways.

How about on the flip side when you were at your darkest place in life or hit rock bottom (like I have before) then your mood, energy and the love that you have to give isn’t much and tends to be negative and the law of attraction is still at work – in a negative way.

I recommend forgiving others and eliminating any past baggage you might be carrying around with you unnecessarily. When we keep stuffing our backpacks with past hurt, envy, jealousy, failures, rejections, lack of love and so on – then it is almost impossible to truly be happy but also we haven’t learned to completely move on.

Our emotions get the best of us and we become disassociated with the ones we used to love most, including ourselves. We keep re-reading the last chapters and looking back instead of looking forward and getting rid of people and things that no longer serve us.

A good analogy to these types of people is like eating from a plate each day that isn’t completely clean and the food builds us a little more each day, eventually making us sick from not being clean and keeping the plate sanitary.

Unconditional Love for yourself_2Please learn some ways to take care of yourself and love all of you unconditionally

Loving yourself unconditionally is not the same for everyone. We are all unique and so is the part where we actually take care of ourselves. What measures you take will be completely different from others you speak with and know. My recommendation is to find what makes you happy and do those things.

Love every part of yourself and do not allow other people to tell you what is best for your life because often they really don’t know. Have a well thought out plan for your life and what makes you happy, otherwise you will turn into a people pleaser and that will ultimately make you miserable and complicate your life even more. You can do this!

In Part 2 Kelly concludes by looking at the value of “No” and making time for yourself.

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