How you view what happens to you in life, whether you see it as positive or negative experience, is all in how you interpret it.

It is an interpretation in your mind based on past experiences and your internal programming from your external environment.

How we respond to information

Your brain works like a biological super computer, it assesses information and responds to it, how we respond depends on the information we receive and how we interpret it.

Once our brain accepts information it becomes a belief, in other words the body, mind or soul accepts it as real and it becomes a programme, it does not necessarily mean that it is real.

These programmes can either be to our benefit or to our detriment – in society we tend to label things as positive or negative, good or bad, but in actual fact it is our response that is positive or negative not the event or the emotions.

Turning negatives into positives

If we decide things are negative it can have an adverse affect on our heart, mind, body and soul but do you know what the best thing about this is? It is optional!

You can change your thoughts, beliefs and experiences and observe what happens and let it go without labelling them positive or negative.

Trust that you can change your situation.

Think about what you expect to happen

What do people tell you? What did your parents tell you? As mentioned, we are good at labelling things but what if you changed the way you look at things and decide that everything that happens to you is good in the sense of it being a lesson.

turning negatives into positives_2Of course it is okay to have preferences for certain things to happen but the lesson is to observe, release and be happy regardless. Happiness then becomes a state of mind, and is not based on anything outside of you but is internal.

We are all human, we make mistakes

Often, things will not go according to our plans because we have made a mistake, but the point is not to judge, it is fair to say that some mistakes have greater implications than others but everything is a lesson and part of the learning is to never let it happen again.

Turning a negative into a positive is just recognizing that everything always works out for your highest and best.

As annoying as they may sound, we have all either used or heard the expressions “everything happens for a reason” or that it was a “blessing in disguise”.

Just another step along our path

Most often, those things that we thought were the worst things in fact turned out to be the best, it is just because of our programming that we label them as positive or negative, good or bad when in fact they are just experiences guiding us on our path.

A classic example: A breakup, this can be a very gut-wrenching experience but a break up with the wrong person is needed to open the path for the right person to enter your life.

Look for the lesson

If you are REALLY stuck, ask yourself this question – “how does this get any better?”

Sit quietly and ask yourself this question, ask yourself what lesson you are supposed to learn, once you understand the lesson, acknowledge and release it.

This allows something different to enter your reality, it allows you to observe, and release any feelings associated with the experience and to move on.

turning negatives into positives_3Work through it

Sometimes we need to grieve, cry, scream, shout and curse. Often we just need to feel it, truly feel the feelings. If you bottle up your feelings they will show up sooner or later and will impact your life in some other way affecting your health and happiness.

You will find that by not resisting your emotions, you allow yourself to fully enter the healing process.

In our modern society I think negativity is becoming an addiction

Most of what we see and hear is negative, we begin thinking negative thoughts and find it hard to stop and, before you know it, you are stuck in a negative reality.

Have you ever had a conversation with a negative person?

It can be difficult to change the conversation, but ask them these two questions – “how can you change it?” and “how does this get any better?”, this turns the conversation into a place where they see the possibility of taking action to change their experience rather than allowing society, government, neighbors, friends to dictate what happens.

Set yourself on the right path

I admit when I was extremely ill I did not see my illness as a blessing and at the time, I did not see the lesson but I found a mentor and I worked through it and it set me on my path to help others achieve optimal health and happiness and live their best lives.

I would not be on my journey to help myself and others had it not been for my illness.

So when something you perceive as negative happens to you, always observe how you feel and find the lesson that you can take from the experience, I promise this will be life changing.

Trust me when you take responsibility for your actions and your experiences, things ALWAYS turn out for the best.

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