What is the perfect female body?

Is it one of those seen on Bodybuilding.com’s Bodies of Work Volume 3?

Does she have the timeless measurements of 36-24-36?


One article even goes as far as compiling various celebrities’ body parts into an image of a perfect female body, both from a woman’s and a man’s point of view.

Public opinion seems to change with the times, as seen in Huffington Post’s 9 ‘Perfect’ Female Bodies That Prove There’s No Such Thing.  With this constant state of flux of the definition of the perfect female body simply isn’t achievable.

I asked fellow members of the BODYpeace community, a group of lovely women on a discovery journey to rid themselves of the body shame brought on by this very perfection expected of us by society and ourselves, for their opinions.

Here are 6 reasons why we should stop this pursuit:

 1. Perfection is just a figment of the human imagination (#WYCWYC).

Every decade and generation has their own ideas of perfection so there is no way to be perfect.  If you met today’s standards you’ll have to change again tomorrow.  How would anything else be accomplished if all your time was devoted to perfecting your body? – Cassi S.

2. If the perfect female body stops being pursued then it ceases to exist.

There shouldn’t be one perfect female body.  We should embrace the perfections and imperfections of ALL female bodies…for that matter, male bodies too. – Paige S.

3. By definition the perfect body just doesn’t work.

We’re all unique and love being our unique selves.  If we all had the same body type uniqueness would cease to exist and we would strive to find ways to stick out.  I like being unique and standing out a bit. – Allison G.

The perfect female body_2

4. The perfect body isn’t real.

Instead, the body we should be thriving for is the one we live in right now.  Start to know it, love it, nourish it, and stop hating on it! – Kailee A.

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5. It turns us into the person we don’t want to be by making us vain, shallow, sad, and trapped.

In the end we never end up getting what we want. The second we realize that perfection doesn’t exist and learn how to be OK with it then we can become who we were meant to be. – Erin F.

6. We postpone happiness until we achieve that pseudo-definition of a perfect body.

Barbie couldn’t realistically exist according to her proportions.  Most magazine pictures are photoshopped so the celebs and models we see aren’t even realistically portrayed!  We can’t allow our feminine ideal to be defined by males or by our response to the male expectation of perfection.

We can’t define ourselves and our self-worth by what we look like on the outside.  Happiness has to be in healthiness of mind, spirit, and body.  That means being happy through the healthy choices we make, the healing path, the progress not perfection every single day!  – Bethany D.

Do you see the common theme in our reasons?

We come from different backgrounds yet we all agree that perfection doesn’t exist.

We need to stop pursuing perfection and live our lives loving ourselves and how we look.


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