To be down but never out is the secret to turning a corner and going on to great things. In part 1 yesterday Kelly Benemati explained her approach to surviving, growing and thriving. Here she concludes her fascinating article.

Just because someone doesn’t see my greatness does not mean I’m not great!

You must have thick skin in the global entrepreneurial world or else you will be crushed with every person that doesn’t like you, that disagrees with your writings or videos or doesn’t like the way you look. The entrpreneur game can be a harsh one if you are not prepared.


Use some mindful manifestations to create the life you want and that includes conditioning yourself to ignore your haters and keep it moving. You deserve this happiness and success, don’t you dare for one minute think you don’t.

I am a much better leader because I possess the same foundational principles that other global leaders do, such as Gary Vee, Richard Branson, Grant Cardone and Tai Lopez, but never realized about myself. I always knew I was a good leader but as I continued to study and follow other leaders I learned quickly that I had the same qualities in common and was influential like they were.

I have a unique passion for showing people their worth because I know what it’s like to be told I don’t have anything to offer anyone. I have a story that brings others hope because I was once hopeless. I have lived, somehow, through an ongoing custody battle, divorce, lost friendships and family members support, remaining single and sober for seven years and have hit rock bottom more than once.

I keep getting back up for my kids and because I know others need me. I don’t keep going for fame, recognition, money or anything else because when you serve others the money will come if you are doing it for the right reasons and your motivation is sincere.

Money is a huge motivator for many but I do not use it to keep my business alive. I know it is a struggle the first year or more. I know you will have to eat noodles and go without because you invest in yourself and your business. I have learned that money isn’t everything and I work with my clients to be able to serve a larger audience and directly impact their lives because some cannot afford the help they need.

I have a compassionate heart and will allow clients to pay a lesser cost to get the care they need from me. I am certainly not Mother Teresa but I strive to be a Princess Diana and want to win the hearts of millions around the world.

We cannot fulfil our goals such as this if we are greedy and only talk about how much money we make. Boastfulness is not an attractive trait to possess. Being humble is what God desires and he has kept me faithful to him, my kids and the people I serve. I don’t take my mission lightly or for granted. I know He could have selected someone else for this journey and I am so happy he chose me.

I do believe money can make us happier and it does. If you don’t believe my statement then try and live without money or think of a time when you had none or close to none … how did that make you feel? Money creates more opportunities for us and more happiness but it’s not the foundation of why I do what I do. Learn this lesson and you will win the game.

I know as a global influencer that I get to hear people’s testimonies and how much I have had an impact on their life and it’s all because of these types of things that make me want to keep going.

The Entrepreneur Game

Even if I didn’t receive feedback I would still be on a mission to positively change your mind and perspective in some way, shape or form. I believe by working together for the greater good of humanity that true change occurs.

When we begin to look at life differently then life ultimately looks at us differently

Remain grateful, help others as much as possible, don’t value money more than your passion for helping others, don’t ever give up no matter how hard life gets, and be the leader you have been called to be.

I know you can do this… Step into your power and take massive action for powerful results. Follow me on Facebook and get ready to be inspired like never before!

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