Have you ever felt defeated, like life has totally given up on you and you can’t catch a break…and the blows just keep raining down on you?

For example; you lose your job after several years in corporate America, your significant other wants a divorce, you receive the devastating news of an illness that is supposedly terminal, you are fighting the biggest custody battle of your life, you are so anxious and depressed at the same time and the list is endless.

I have been there…

I faced the greatest depression of my life when my kids were taken from me and the pain was the worst feeling I have ever experienced yet it was also one of my best teachers.


I had to take pain head on and use it as a stepping stone in my life.

Instead of saying “I am done and I can’t go on any longer”, I allowed the pain to teach me never to give up and that my kids are my biggest why. The “Game” taught me to never give up, how to be a better leader, how to not care about my haters, and that money isn’t everything. I am grateful every day for all the people I serve around the world.

The entrepreneur game taught me that no matter what, someone else is counting on me (especially my kids) so I cannot quit. If I save one person’s life or change their perspective, save their marriage, help them stay sober or away from drugs, if I mentor a teenager that wants to quit life then I know I have done my job. The Entrepreneur Game_1 God uses his strongest soldiers for the biggest jobs and I am strength filled so he has put much on me and filled my plate with challenges to make me realize I can get through this life and not give up because of his guidance. He also wants us to rely on him through good and bad, not just praise him on good days.

Most are not fortunate to embrace their stones in the road and don’t persevere because they are not taught to and also because of the lack of support they have when they begin their business.

Starting an online business is a risk and one that isn’t for the weak I didn’t know what the outcome was going to be but I knew it would be nothing if I didn’t try. I also knew I went to school and had an intellect and passion to help others that most don’t and that I must do it! My gifts would be wasted if I didn’t listen to God’s guidance and trust the process.

I have been taught that I don’t need to stop and argue with every little dog that barks at me. This analogy describes the haters that send me hate mail or post negative comments on my posts. I have realized my worth for the first time in my life and use that to my benefit. I don’t get down when others disagree with me or my perspective. I am very confident that I add much value to others and I make a significant difference in the lives of those I serve around the globe every single day.

I have conditioned myself to delete, block and move on quickly from those that do not support my journey. I do not get upset or ask for people’s feedback because it doesn’t matter to me in any way because I know that I am capable.

In Part 2 tomorrow Kelly continues to explain her defiance in adversity and her powers of positive and inspiring action. 

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